Friday, 23 January 2009

A day of positives

After getting some positive news on the job front, my mind was free to concentrate on the poker last night, and it showed with strong performances in both the £50 tournament and the cash game.

I didn't cash in the tournament, but got fairly unlucky in a couple of spots. The usual LC structure was 4k in tournament chips and a 20 minute clock. It was nice to see that the tournament seems to be growing in popularity because we had nearly twenty runners.

I doubled up early on, by trapping an active raiser with AA by calling on the button pre-flop. I got it all in against QQ on a low board.

I then found Aces again in the BB, and re-raised a raiser and a caller to mix my game up, but I didn't get any customers.

Shortly afterwards I got big Mark all in preflop his AK verses my KK. I was looking good for a 12k stack, but the Ace spiked to send me back down to 5k.

I then hovered between 4k and 6k for a while before this hand came up:

I raised to 800 UTG with AdQd and the BB called me (fairly short on chips). We see a flop of K, 5, 6 with two diamonds and he shoves for 1.1k more leaving me with an easy call. He has AJ off, but a 5 and a 6 peel off to give a split pot. At that stage I begin to think that it is not my day on the tournament front.

Sure enough, after making a few timely steals, I decide to shove all my chips in with 99 UTG, and get called by The Baron's huge stack and KJ and I lose the race.

The cash game, however, was a revelation. I played with thought, and purpose and resisted my urges to run huge random bluffs. The proof of the pudding was in the eating, as I walked away with £375 profit.

Next up, Sir Mike's home game on Saturday, as I tree to continue my revival.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments 120
Live Cash (323)
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (164)
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (178)

Total (1,912)

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