Friday, 30 January 2009

The Long Way Home

I managed to make it to the Loose Cannon last night, despite illness, for the £50 tournament and a spot of Omaha/Holdem cash.

After leaving at a sensible hour, I took the standard taxi back to the flat and fell asleep. Unfortunately, one of the regular players at the game, Jody, didn't take such a conventional route.

Upon leaving the game late, Jody got on the overland train heading to his home in Cheltenham and made the comedy error of falling asleep. Impressively, our hero managed to not only wake up a long way from home, but in a different country altogether. Welcome to Newport, Wales. But there's more........

After leaping from the train at Newport in confusion, he jumps on a train going in the opposite direction to take him back towards Cheltenham. Unfortunately, said train then peels off and deposits Jody in a random small Welsh town in the middle of nowhere, where the only announcements at the station are made in Welsh :) I've just spoken to him, and he has thankfully now made it back into Newport, so should arrive home in a couple of hours.

On the poker front I had a strange night. I felt I played well in both tournament and cash game, the best I have played this year in fact. However, I somehow managed to end the night £450 down overall, to leave January as a disappointing opening to the year.

The tournament only attracted 9 runners, but I probably played the best tournament poker of the year so far. I ended my run of losing "races", by knocking out the Baron early on with my AK verses TT all in pre-flop. I was dominating proceedings for a while, despite not being the biggest stack, but then overplaying AT pre-flop when we were four handed to bubble. Jody's AJ did the damage.

In the cash game, I built on my solid recent form, but rather wasted my efforts with one poor call in the last pot to lose £250 to the Baron.

I had some disappointing losses - holding 89TJ I hit a rather promising flop of TTQ to give me trips + a wrap, but ended up losing a sizeable pot to someone holding AKJx. I also got all my money in on the flop holding trips and a wrap against Wilkinson, but he spiked an Ace on the turn to leave me drawing dead to his AAxx.

However, I can't complain too much about my luck, as I came from behind to house up against Jody's made flush in a holdem hand, after the money went in. Unfortunately I made a bad call in the final pot against the Baron to make the loss much worse than it should have been. In retrospect my straight was never going to be good, and I should have just cut my losses rather than putting my last £150 in calling the Baron's river shove.

Next week is the first big event of the year for me - a trip to Nottingham to play at Dusk Till Dawn and their £300 deepstack event, which regularly attracts a big field. I'll also play the £150 event if I bust on day 1 of the Main Event. The Volcano, The Baron, Fluke, Devski, Jody, McDee and Jalfont will all be in attendance, so hopefully one of us can have a good weekend.

Despite my disappointing results recently, I actually feel like I am beginning to play well again, so Nottingham is coming at a nice time for me. There will be a couple of live tournaments next week before we go up on Friday, no doubt.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (70)
Live Cash (513)
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (164)
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (213)

Total (2,327)

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