Monday, 26 January 2009

Tonight Matthew I'm going to be..........Rafael Nadal

Saturday saw Sir Mike's home game in Kew. We had 12 runners for two tournaments - a £60 round of each, followed by an £80 deep stacked Main Event. Unfortunately for me, the high point of my night was taking my Wii Top Spin Tennis to a new level, bashing the unfortunately Jody to smithereens.

Unfortunately, the game wasn't for money, but Jody was beaten 6-0, 6-1, 6-0 in a Nadal-esque display. In the first set Jody didn't win a single point. Not one. I mean honestly, you could have handed a chimp the controls and the law of averages would surely have resulted in one lucky winner ;) The first set stats made pleasing reading:

Points won on first serve: 100%
Points won on second serve: 100%
Receiving points won: 100%
Winners: 18
Unforced errors: 0

Unfortunately, this was as good as the night got for me. The Main Event had 10k in starting chips, 30 minute clock and slow blind increments. Indeed when we got down to 6 players it took another 105 minutes to dispatch another player due to the stacks in relation to the blinds, and some fairly solid play all round.

The Round of Each tournament is a distant memory now - I remember losing a fair chunk with Aces in holdem during the very first hand, when Debbie stuck around for a flush. I also lost a hand against Luke when I seemed to be in very good shape - we were short stacked and all in, gambling, preflop.

My AT45 double suited looked a huge favourite over 456A single suited, but I lost to a straight. Given that I had 3 of his cards and the flush draws, I assumed I must be huge, but the Omaha calculator said I was only 70%. I guess this is pretty much as big as you can be pre-flop though, unless someone is playing something like pocket quads!

The Main Holdem Event was a very long affair, my adventure lasting 4 hours until I busted in 6th place. I'll only blog the key hands as there were so many:

Key Hand 1
Blinds 50-100. I limp in early position with 5c6c and The Baron checks his option in the BB. Flop comes all clubs. I check, Baron checks. Turn is a 4h, I bet and the Baron overbet shoves for his last 5k and I call him. He has made 2 pair on the turn, but doesn't get lucky this time, and is eliminated. I move up to 13k.

Key Hand 2
Blinds 100-200. Fluke bets 600, I raise to 1700 with AdKd. Shazbo calls, as does Uncle Paulie. Flop is a nice King high. I bet 3k, Shazbo is the only caller. Turn is an Ace to give me 2 pair. I bet 6k and Shazbo calls. River is a blank, so I bet 10k and Shazbo folds. I recheck my cards and realise I actually have 4dKd. Ooops.

Key Hand 3
Blinds 200-400. Wilkinson raises to 1200, Uncle Paulie calls and I make it 5k on the button with AK (the real AK this time). Uncle Paulie calls and then shoves on a Jack high board. Sigh. I have to pass and he shows JT - dodgy, dodgy call out of position imo ;) Nonetheless, that has cost me 25% of my stack and puts me down amongst the pack.

Key Hand 4
Blinds 300-600. I decide to try out the limp steal move which I find very successful online. The thinking behind this, is when you raise from the cutoff or button online, you get very little respect, and players will often resteal from the blinds. The limp steal, makes your hand look stronger in some ways, and although you will give the blind a chance to hit something, you can bet in position when they check, and hopefully take it down. At least if they check raise you on the flop, you know they have something for sure as opposed to the re-steal. This play doesn't get used too much at the moment, so I've had considerable success. No doubt it will start to be exploitable after a while, so I'll have to change strategy. Anyhow - I limp with 4c7d in the cutoff, and immediately Wilkinson starts claiming he is suspicious etc etc and checks his big blind. Flop comes all broadway cards, and I am certain my play will now work so I take is down with a small bet on the flop when checked to. Not sure this play is as useful live, as players are less likely to resteal from the blinds.

During all this, the other table are having an EXTREMELY drunken cash game with forfeits. The forfeits involve a task with whoever is in the Big Blind on our table. Thus, one player gets a lap dance from Debbie, Jalfont has to wear Debbie's blouse for a level and Uncle Paulie gets a neck massage. I, disastrously get the worst prize. A licked bellybutton from The Baron :( :( :( This was all done in jest, so I hope I'm not making it sound too much like the Village People home game.


Key Hand 5
Blinds 600-1200. I am feeling a little short now with a 13k stack. Wilkinson raises UTG to 3600, Uncle Paulie calls, and given both of their opening ranges, when I find 99 it is plenty big enough to play for all my chips. Unfortunately big stacked Jalfont finds AK in the big blind, and given the way I am "racing" at the moment, it was no surprise to see a King on the turn and I am spun out of the tournament.

Next week sees an online cash session on Tuesday (when I am making the dubious decision to step up to 1/2 Omaha), and the LC game on Thursday.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (20)
Live Cash (323)
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (164)
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (178)

Total (2,052)

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