Monday, 2 February 2009

The Deep Pocket Game?

On Friday, I received an invite to the Sporting Index poker invitational to be held at the Loose Cannon in early March. I asked if I could bring some guests, seeing as it was being held at the local card room, but I was told it was specifically invite only.

Hmmmmmm - it seems my time invested a few years ago completely doing my pods on the Grand Prix/Tennis has finally bourne fruit, as this tournament is limited to 64 players and has added value in the prize pool. Presumably, the other players in the field both have deep pockets and are partial to a punt, so the side action could be interesting, particularly if we get an Omaha game going. Since it's a credit crunch, Sporting Index have decreed the tournament to be "only" a £200 freezeout, as opposed to their standard £200 rebuy format.

This tournament, means I have an interesting week coming up in early March:
Wed 4th: London Poker Masters £250 Freezeout
Thu 5th: Sporting Index £200 Event
Sat 7th: London Poker Masters £500 Main Event Day 1

In other news, the extreme snowfall in London has resulted in me losing almost half a day of work, thus making it unlikely I'll have time to play more than once live this week. It's a shame as I was hoping to get back in the winners' enclosure before DTD in Nottingham this weeked, but I'll have to hope I just hit form when it matters.

I also had some moderate online success this weekend, winning a little over £200 in two short Omaha sessions. I moved up to $1/$2 stakes, and found the game much more enjoyable. Players play a bit tighter, and it's slightly easier to guage where you are on the flop due to better hand selection. Also, most people didn't seem to chase bare flushes irrespective of price which I found quite annoying last month.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (70)
Live Cash (513)
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (38)
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (213)

Total (2,125)

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