Tuesday, 10 February 2009

DTD £150 - Walk of Shame

Took my seat in the £150 at Dusk till Dawn on Sunday, one day after busting from the £300. 5k starting stack, 30 min clock, about 150 runners.

UTG limps, mid position makes it 175, I flat call in the cutoff with AhKd. BB calls, as does UTG limper.

Flop Kh, 6h, 3h

I have top, top + nut flush draw.

UTG checks, initial raisers makes it 300, I flat call, BB folds, UTG check raises to 900, initial raiser folds, I shove for 5k total.

He calls with bottom set, board bricks out and I'm out.

I have to make the walk of shame as a quarter of the field are still making their way to their seats :(

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