Tuesday, 10 February 2009

DTD £75 - Double Edged Sword

The final tournament of the Nottingham trip, was the £75 Sunday evening tournament with 5k in starting chips, 30 minute clock, but a slightly faster structure than the £150. I think we had about 70 runners, with a 2k first prize.

I played very aggressively, and ran my table at times, mixing up shoving over the loose players with strong cards and getting calls, and re-raising rocks and getting lay downs of strongish hands.

I dribbled down to about 3k fairly quickly over a wide range of hands, and then then began to roll. One extremely loose player came to my table (he open shoved UTG with 67 and got called twice and had a full house by the turn), with a big stack.

I min raised him in the cut off with 34o and he passed, so I showed. I also bluffed him off a sizeable pot with Ace high, before we had a big confrontation.

I raised with AQ in mid position and got the call from the loose player in the BB. Flop was AK2. I led for the pot and was called. Turn was a Queen, so I shoved for about 6/7k more and he called me with QJ, which doubled me up at a crucial time.

I got a tight player to lay down AT the hand before the break, when I three bet him with A5, and told him I'd show him either way. Things were going well.

After the break, I continued to open raise a lot, and took down the blinds and precious antes uncontested a reasonable percentage of the time. I had soon worked my way up to 45k, when we had an average stack of about 19k with 17 players remaining, so was one of the chip leaders.

Unfortunately, at his point, I went berserk, and in two hands shot myself first in the foot, and then in the head. The fellow big stack got moved to my table directly to my right, as we collapsed to two tables.

I decided I didn't want the fellow big stack running my table, so would take him on at the first opportunity. Sigh.

Shot to the foot
Folded round to big stack in the SB who raises to 3k (blinds 600/1200).
I defend with Js6s.
Flop arrive 5, 5, 9 (no spades)
He bets 4k, I re-raise to 12k because I'm not very good at poker. He shoves :(

Another round passes then:

Shot to the head
Big stack villain has been opening a ton of pots, and I am hacked off, and pretty much on tilt after the last hand.
He opens again in mid position to 4k (blinds have gone up).
I shove for 17k with Tc5c
He says "I knew that was coming from you", performs a quick soul read and calls with AT. I hit a 5, but he hits a flush to send me to the rail, in a pretty impressive blow-up if I say so myself. Chip leader to gone in 5 minutes :)

At least I ground out £350 in the side cash games to rescue the weekend from total wipe out - £120 on the Omaha and £230 on the Holdem.

The only real memorable cash hand was bluffing Micky Wernick out of an Omaha hand with Ace high, on a paired and flushing board, with a pot sized bet on the river. It wasn't a very big pot - perhaps £130 or so, but Micky didn't take it so well. I took a while to decide whether to run my bluff, before going for the adrenaline option. At that point Micky gets grumpy and accuses me of Hollywooding him, before pretty much instantly folding a full house (4s full of 10s) face up. I guess he hasn't played with me too often - The Baron would have insta-called me there. I didn't think it was wise to show Mr Wernick the Ace high bluff at that point, so discreetly mucked.

He drew a line under it with "I could tell you had me - you were shaking" ;)

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (70)
Live Cash 142
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (285)
Poker Festivals (525)
Rake (283)

Total (2,388)

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