Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thousand big blind cash pot

We have started a new Tuesday night cash game down at the Loose Cannon, with 25p/50p blinds and a £100 max sit down. The core participants at the moment are myself, Dev, The Baron and Steve, a young player who I've only been playing with since Xmas, but who certainly knows what he is doing and is well up on our encounters so far.

The idea behind the blinds/buy in is to attract occasional players from the £10 tournament downstairs, who fancy playing a bit of Holdem/Omaha with an affordable buy in. I've long since grumbled that the problem with the Loose Cannon, is that I always end up playing the same players. The problem with this is that it can make your game stale, as well as encouraging a drunken home game atmosphere, as all the players used to know each other's games inside out. The Tuesday cash game is only in it's second week (unless you include the pre-christmas booze fests), but the signs are that it will be a success.

Having said all the above about buy ins and blinds, it didn't stop myself and Steve generating a £500 pot on the turn in an Omaha hand. Standing at £50 in the middle the action soon for the road...........pot.

The board:

The hands:
Steve: AcTs9C4d (The current nut straight, plus club redraw)
Jimbo: 9h8h8s6d (2nd nut straight, plus set, plus open ended straight flush draw)

Unfortunately for me, the river spat a blank deuce, and the huge pot went to Steve.

Steve plugged the odds yesterday and it came up with (on the turn)

Steve: 52.5%
Jimbo: 45%
Split: 2.5%

I guess there was an argument for flat calling Steve's repot, but I think getting the money in was the right thing to do. If the board pairs or brings a heart, I think Steve would lay his hand down to heavy action, so I wouldn't get paid. Even assuming he always holds the nuts, my hand is close to being a coin flip, and the small percentage of the time he holds only 78, my hand is tieing and has huge redraw potential, so again it's correct to get the money in.

Despite this chunky setback, I still finished the session up a little more than £300 before table charge, which was a good confidence boost ahead of Nottingham. The Baron seemed to be in self destructive aggro mode during the second half of the evening and over-cooked most of his hands (getting £100 pre-flop with 3s4s against my AQ being an example).

I also used our previous clashes to my advantage on Tuesday. I am sure The Baron reads my river shoves as complete bluffs 100% of the time (he is right to, as he has picked me off numerous times in the past, once with Queen high). I turned this around a little bit, by value shoving the river with top pair on a non-drawy board and got a call from second pair.

Anyhow, off now - next report will be from Nottingham. Depending on the hotel internet facilities, it may be early next week before I can do the tournament write ups.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (70)
Live Cash (206)
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (285)
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (228)

Total (2,158)

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