Tuesday, 3 February 2009

You are The Ref

In my childhood days I was an avid reader of "Shoot" magazine, a weekly publication which captured the magic of UK football, long before the game was ruined by the greed and self-protectionism of the ghastly Premiership. One section of the magazine, was called "You are The Ref", which posed a few hypothetical match situations to resolve in a quiz style.

In honour of this fine bastion of soccer heritage, I'll post one of my Omaha hands in this format. You are my opponent on a 1/2 table - your stack is $120, your opponent (me) has been dominating proceedings and has a $400 stack.

You hold Ks3s6d2h in the small blind

UTG limps, and gets a couple of callers round to you. You:
A) decide that you have a bad hand and are out of position and fold.
B) decide to speculate by calling, hoping to flop a monster against multiple players
C) bet the pot

You answer (C)

UTG now reraises to $40. You:
A) decide to abandon your poor hand and poor position, and look on it as an $11 lesson learned
B) decide to call the $30 even though it is 33% of your stack and hope to get lucky against opponent's likely monster hand

You answer (B)

Flop arrives 6s, 7s, 8h, given you a flush draw and a pair of 6s. Opponents pots it to put you all in, so $80 to call. You
A) fold - your draw may be no good, and you don't have much in the way of backup
B) call - I've got a flush draw and a pair - I'm not going anywhere buster

You answer (B)

Opponent shows AsAdJs10h. You:
A) hit a spade but are beaten by opponents nut flush draw
B) blank out and opponent's pair of aces wins
C) hit a six on the river to win with 3 of a kind

You answer (C)

:( :(

Joking aside, last night's Omaha session was horrendous. With the aid of a 5 outer suckout on Dev I built $500+ stacks on both the $1/$2 tables I was playing, to get to a highpoint of $700 up. Then the disasters began to happen. The below are only edited highlights:

- Outdraw against the Baron (board trips up on the river counterfeiting my top 2 pair)
- Lose uberwrap on a rainbow board verses middle set, all in on the flop
- Hand from "you are the ref"
- Run second house into a straight flush in $500 pot
- Some guy repotted TWICE pre-flop with Q967 verses my AKQT, and then proceeded to call my flop shove after just hitting his 6. He hits trips on the river

After this I was on tantrum tilt, and ended up the session $470 down, a swing of nearly $1,200. All very unmotivating, but I guess I'll have to get my head together for the weekend.

It could have been worse I guess - poor Dev flopped a straight flush and got all the money all in ($1000+ pot), only to lose to a rivered royal flush :( Omaha can be a brutal game.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (70)
Live Cash (513)
Online Tournaments (1,367)
Online Cash (285)
Poker Festivals 0
Rake (213)

Total (2,448)

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