Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Back from ToyTown

I haven't looked at a card for nearly two weeks now, having been out of London for a week to get some fresh air and have a much needed break.

I went to Norfolk, to a small town called Happisburgh right on the coast. For about ten years, when I was a nipper, my family used to come here on our annual holiday, and I thought it would be nice to take my son with Shazbo in tow of course :)

Whilst the sea air was still crisp, and the views still stunning, it was clear that the decades of cheap air travel, and cheap food imports had taken their toll on the local economy. The nicer of the two local pubs was now shut, as was the village shop, and the ramp leading down to the beach had collapsed, having been battered by the fierce unrelenting sea.

The striking thing for me, was that everything seemed much smaller. Decades ago my tiny chubby legs would pound away on my tricycle as I made steady progress down seemingly huge country roads, whereas now I felt I could get to the end in three big strides. The buildings now seemed dainty compared to the huge monstrosities that dominate the Canary Wharf skyline, as the whole place took on the appearance of a model village. The only feature which seemed more imposing was the harsh sea, which seemed as ferocious as ever, and on a distant piece of beach I could almost hear the echoes of family members long since deceased.

The break certainly did me good, and I feel far more alert than before the trip. As I mentioned this was my first proper holiday for several years, all the others having been spent in casinos listening to the repetitive drones of poker players.

And so to the poker: 6 weeks tomorrow I leave for Vegas, and it's time to stop being so lazy about tournaments. I've been so lethargic about making time for them this year, as shown by my virtual break even stats. This will need to change in the next month - I'll play a £50 warm up tomorrow, but I'm going to aim to play the new £200 event at the International twice, as well as popping there on a Saturday a couple of times for the £100. This should at least get my game a bit in tune for the huge fields in the Venetian/Caesars/Rio irrespective of results.

Since it's a bank holiday on Monday I'm also going to play a couple of Sunday tournaments online this week. My performances in the online majors this year have been catastrophic so far, so I'm going to change a few things to see if this works for me.

Firstly I'm going to tighten up, as the fields are so big this is probably the best way to play, as I'm unconvinced that many players take note of other foes' images in these Sunday events. Consequently, playing loose doesn't really help you get paid off on the big hands, and gets you in a ton of trouble fairly frequently. Also you move tables so much in these big fields that any image you build up is lost anyway.

I'm also going to reduce my open shove stack size from 10BB to 7BB, to see if that helps me stop getting my stack all in with 93off against Aces.

Finally, I'm going to resist resteal shoving late position raisers from the Big Blind, as people seem to snap you off pretty light online when you shove from this position, calling with KQ and other mediocre hands. Perhaps I'll plot my resteals from the button or small blind, as whilst this is more risky, it seems to get more respect fromt the original raiser.

I guess we'll see what impact these changes have in a few days.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (140)
Live Cash 458
Online Tournaments (2,267)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,186)

Total (4,060)

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