Monday, 6 April 2009

Bob The Builder Homegame

It sure is nice to get out of Bobsville once in a while. I love my job as the Mayor, but it's great to get out in the country from time to time, to get some fresh air and experience a slower pace of life. With that in mind, myself and Barbara headed out to Sunflower Valley, to host a poker home game for Bob, Spud and some other members of the Can-Do-Crew.

The buyins were set at £20 rebuy for the Omaha, and £80 for the Holdem Main Event, as I felt these should be within the comfort zones of the crew's contracting wages. As a matter of fact, since the building game is a cash in hand business, I'm not convinced that the Bobsville treasury sees it's full share of local taxes. The break will do the guys good, particularly Bob, who seems to have something a bit extra in his morning tea, the way he sprints around from job to job, eyes wide open.

Anyhow, the Omaha came and went with Splasher taking top honours, whilst I squeezed a third place which was good for £80. It was soon time for the Main Event, which attracted ten runners, for a prize pool of £800.

The tournament was quite odd in that two players, including Bob, were knocked out very early by Spasher, and by the time Dizzy had taken out a further two players we were left 6 handed with very unmatched chip stacks. Myself, Barbara, Spud the Scarecrow and Scoop all had stacks between 5k and 12k, whereas Dizzy and Spasher were sitting on huge 30k+ stacks. Splasher was playing back very strongly against small stack moves, and on top of that seemingly received Aces every other hand.

I eventually secured 3rd place (again) for £160 after winning a crucial race against Scoop - all in pre-flop AK v 99. Splasher and Dizzy eventually chopped it and it was time for the cash game.

Barbara went to bed at that point, and Bob decided to go back to Bobsville and see Wendy, after disappointing himself with his play throughout the day. To be honest, Bob has been pretty down since 2008, when his single "Big Fish, Little Fish" failed miserably to match the runaway success of his previous two singles, and peaked at a lowly 81 in the charts. It's fair to say the "Never mind the Breeze Blocks" album wasn't his finest hour.

And so the cash game began - myself and Spud pulled up chairs, whilst Spasher, Scoop and Dizzy parked around the table, each of us with £200 of ammunition. The next 9 hours produced some memorable hands - and below are the highlights:

Myself and Dizzy get it all in on the flop, for a £450 pot.

Me: KdJd
Dizzy: Qd4d
Flop: 9dTd4c

I am marginal favourite to win the hand - my draw is huge but Dizzy has 3 of my outs plus a made pair. Scoop totally arses it up by producing the (blank) turn whilst I am negotiating a settlement with Dizzy, which decimates my bargaining position. Eventually, we agree to run the river thrice, and I win once to take £150 of the spoils.

I flop a set of 7s against Dizzy, and bet it super strong in the hope it looks weak. The orange cement mixer ends up doubling me up, by calling a weak looking shove on the turn.

Omaha hand: I raise pre-flop with QQ89 and get multiple action.
The flop arrives a pleasing Q73. I bet pot and Scoop calls.
Turn is 5. I bet pot and Scoop calls
River is a seemingly pleasing 3 to complete my top house. I shove for Scoops remaining chips, and he snaps my hands off to sheepishly turn over quad threes to take down the £550 pot.
I have a rather un-mayor like tantrum outside at my misfortune to be one outered, as Scoop scraps the huge pot into his bucket.

At this point we begin to recycle our empty beer cans. We are very keen on keeping Bobsville and the suburbs litter free and try to keep our playing environment clean.

Spud the scarecrow raises to £4 and Dizzy makes it £50 pre-flop (!). Spud strokes his dishevelled beard and calls (!)
Flop J, 6, 5
Dizzy shoves, Spud snap calls with JJ for the set. Dizzy shows KK - not happy.

Dizzy raises to £10 with AT. Spud calls.
Flop QT4.
Dizzy leads, Spud raises and Dizzy shoves his last £95. Spud calls with the AK gutshot and hits. Dizzy at this point has the look of a mixer that wants to pour cement down Spud's throat.

At this point the cash game has gone on so long, that Barbara has woken up. Recycling has fallen disastrously behind schedule and being the wonderful Mayor's wife that she is, she tidies up around us. It is finally time to call it a day at 10am and I am given a lift back to Bobsville with Barabara, with Scoop and Dizzy in convoy.

On a personal note I end up £70 up after 17 hours total of play, which works out at £4 an hour.

As Bob would say:

Can we grind it?? Yes we can!

Author's Notes

This blogline was inspired by the sight that greeted me when I walked into the lounge during one of the early tournaments. Fluke had been knocked out and had taken to wearing my son's Bob the Builder hard hat as he played online. Seemingly, they both have a head with the diameter of a small grapefruit. Combined with Fluke's tight white T-shirt, the hat gave him a look which would not have been out of place at a Gay Pride festival.

Uncle Paulie also wore his trademark Texan hat, so when our new player Michelle arrived and drew the seat in between them, she must have wondered what she had let herself in for...........

Cast of Characters:

Bernard Bentley (Mayor of Bobsville) - Jimbo
Barbara Bentley - Shazbo
Spud the Scarecrow - Mark P
Bob the Builder - Fluke
Wendy - Kat

Spasher - Devski
Dizzy - The Baron
Scoop - Wilkinson

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (20)
Live Cash 953
Online Tournaments (1,867)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (993)

Total (2,852)

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Larc said...

I like Bob the Builder, I'm not sure why it took PBS so long to put it back on the air. Also there are Bob the Builder coloring pages and video games over at LittleToons if anyone is interested.