Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Doppler Effect

The Doppler effect was discovered by an Austrian boffin in the 19th Century, explaining the relationship between sound wave frequency and relative movement of source and observer.

Probably the most common illustration of this phenomenon is the changing sound of a passing train. As a train approaches a person on the platform, the frequency of sound waves reaching your ear increases, and as the train passes the reverse happens. Thus the ear's perception of the pitch changes as the train moves through the platform.

This is all well and good, until the police version of "Q" realised that he could imply a car's velocity using the Doppler effect, by firing and receiving a radio signal at the moving vehicle. Thus was the birth of the speed gun.

These days of course, the police simply install speed cameras and wait for the cash to roll in. In a bygone era however, I remember vividly pushing my 1.3 Escort to "the max" on any piece of dual carriage way I could find. There was nothing like the fear of an overweight copper suddenly jumping out from behind a tree with what appeared to be a giant hairdryer, before planting both feet and aiming at your car Dirty Harry stylee. Ah, the good old days when you got caught properly rather than getting a letter in the post.

Last night I took an absolute bath at the Loose Cannon £1/£1 cash game, effectively getting caught speeding on THREE occasions in sizable pots. All three times I felt my opponent should have laid down, but unfortunately they didn't and I ended up £525 in the hole. I will leave it to the readers to make their own judgements:

I am playing about £250, and raise to £4 pre-flop with AsJc and get about 4 callers.

Flop Qs9s2d

I continuation bet for £10. Opponent re-raises to £30. I re-raise to £75. Opponent re-raises to £180. I have seen this move from him before with the flush draw, so rather than banging it in and giving him huge odds, I decide to flat call and shove on a non-spade turn thus reducing the odds (although admittedly not sufficiently, but it's possible someone will pass the draw with only one card to come).

Anyhow, Turn is a blank and I put my last £60 in and get called by Q5. Jeez. Speeding ticket one issued.

Same villain from above raises UTG to £4, and the Baron raises to £12 which is called in another spot. I make it £30 flat from the BB with 5c7c and only UTG calls.

Flop arrives 4, 8, 2

I decide to make the hand look as strong as possible given my 4 bet pre-flop and check raise my opponent all in and get called by A4 for middle pair. Sigh. Speeding ticket two issued.

I raise pre-flop in position with 5c9h and get a couple of callers.

Flop J,5,2

I bet the pot and Deven calls me.

Turn is a bank

I bet the pot, and Dev calls.

River is an ace which is a useful scare card.

I bet the pot (£60ish) and get called by Deven with J9.

At this point I am pretty exasperated, and with 9 points on my poker licence now, I fear my table image has completely gone to the dogs. I decide to leave before losing that last £275 I had in front of me. A wise decision I feel.

Thursday I am going to attempt to make it to the International to finally play a bigger field tournament. I hear they get 80+ for their £50 event, and I really need to get some big field practice in before Vegas.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (20)
Live Cash 478
Online Tournaments (1,867)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (993)

Total (3,377)


Steve H. said...

I dont play much cash, but given the fact that these lads were either calling you or making moves against you while they were holding marginal hands why didnt you wait for premium hands to suck them in with, they sound like the sort of fish to take the hook..

Hand 1 = 4 callers

Hand 2 = re-raise to £30 called by A4

Hand 3 = looks like a stn call with J9 imo in that situ

You should be cleaning up off tese fish and getting that bank roll for Vegas so you can go fishing over there.

Be lucky

DungBeetle said...

To be fair I was tilting quite badly after Hand 1, and I was opening far too many pots throughout the night after that which doesn't really come across in my post. Not a good display from me unfortunately :( Potentially in Hand2 and Hand3 this is what caused the calls.