Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Drawing Dead to the Combine Harvesters

There was a lull during the home game last week, between the Omaha and the Holdem, during which some of the players took some fresh air, whilst others watched the football.

Not so, a hardy band of four players who decided 16 solid hours of poker action was not enough. When I wandered back into the dining room there was a £1/£1 poker game going on with £50 stacks..............except it was using my son's "Farmyard Snap" cards.

The deck was 30 in number, containing 15 pairs of farmyard animals/workers/buildings. The game played like holdem, but the rules seemed to be as follows:

- Pairs are valued alpabetically (i.e. "Barn" is the equivilant of an Ace)
- Pairs are clearly gold-dust due to there being only 2 of each card
- A straight is achieved by creating the Farmer>Combine Harvestor>Barn combination.
- A full house is the nuts - Farmer's, Farmer's Wife, Farmer's son, Farmer's daughter

Hand 1
Multi action on the end, and Wilkinson makes a great call to take it down with "Barn high" for a £20 pot.

Wilkinson is re-raised pre-flop by the Baron and makes the call. All the money goes in on the flop to create a £45 pot. The Baron's pocket donkeys are drawing dead, as Wilkinson has paired his combine harvester on the flop for a top pair monster.

Wilkinson has clearly finally found his specialised game ;)

I can see this catching on. Expect to see it rolled out at WSOP 2010, as a $10k championship event.....

All hushed at the 6 handed final table - blinds are 5k/10k with a 1k running ante. Sam Farha raises to 40k UTG and Hellmuth makes it 140k on the button. Farha makes the call and we go to the flop.

Farmer's daughter, Cow, Farmer's son.

All the money flys in, and the cards are on their backs. Hellmuth has pocket Barns, but Farha has struck gold with Farmer/Farmer's wife in the hole for the stone cold nuts. Hellmuth explodes to his long suffering Misses.

"Honey? Honey - can you be believe that? He call's 100k extra out of position with picture cards. He doesn't even know how to spell Farmyard"


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