Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Eight, Nine, Seventeen Situation

Mark Bright writes one of the most insipid football columns I have ever read in the daily London Metro. Today he ventures that Newcastle "might" go down, Man United "shouldn't" bottle it against Porto and Arsenal "should" challenge the big three for trophies next season. It must have taken him all of forty seconds to come up with these controversial views.

He did however write something which I found amusing. While pontificating on the Newcastle debacle, he announced that we are looking at a "Six, Seven, Eight situation". Shortly after the full stop, some tumble weed blew over the page as everybody's brows furrowed in confusion, so Bright wisely elaborates in brackets (six games left, seven points, separating eight teams). Oh, of course that is what it meant! Poor old Mark - I guess it's a given that if you need to explain a chosen phrase in brackets afterwards, it's probably not as effective prose as you originally thought. Nonetheless, I shall endeavor to use this "Brightism" for the rest of the week, and will hopefully incorporate it into a few meetings.

"I understand your concern Mr Credit Officer, but we feel that position is adequately collateralized, although admittedly we are looking at a 100/3/Zero situation."

"Can you just elaborate on that last point?"

"100 names, three defaults, zero liquidity. Obviously."

Anyhow, I played one poker tournament this weekend - the £50 Saturday affair at Loose Cannon, which attracted about 50 runners. 6k starting stack with a 20 minute clock. Here is how it went down:

I have not seen a hand in the first 3 levels, and am down to about a 4.5k stack when the following nonsense happens. UTG limps for 300 and the next to act intentionally makes it SIX THOUSAND which is one third of his big stack. I, of course, find bloody pocket Jacks in the big blind for my tournament life. I haven't been at the table long, but the guy seemed to know what he was doing. I figure the very best case scenario is AK, so I elect to pass. He shows AK.

I shove it all in at the 200-400 level with AsKs. I get isolated by 99 and win the race to get to 8kish. This comes at a welcome time as we immediately go into a 10/5/34 situation. (10 minute break/before 5th level/34 players remain)

I go down to about 6k after being raised off pots, before getting it all in with AK, and hold up against someone's rather optimistic call with AJ. Up to 12k.

Key, key hand - probably would have been close to chip lead if I had won this pot. I raise to 1600 at the 300-600 level and guy shoves for 6k total. I call with QQ, he has AQ sooted. I hit the case queen on the turn, but he rivers a flush. Down to 6k.

I am playing about 8k at the 600/1200 level when the following hand comes up. It is passed round to the SB who is playing 18k. He puts me all in for my last 8k cold. He has seemed a competent player throughout and I have been pretty tight. With my image, I would be open shoving a huge range here from the small blind, so I decide that K8 off is ahead of his range, and make a hero/donk call depending on your view. He has 82 off so is crushed and I hold to move to 16k.

We are now in a 8/9/17 situation (8th level / "M" of 9 / 17 players remain) when my demise occurs. I find 33 in earlyish position and raise to 3300 (unintended betting tell). Big blind calls.

Flop Q, 6, 4 (two spades)

This is kind of a good flop for me as long as he has no queen. Stack sizes are really awkward though, as I have 13k back and the pot is now 7k. He checks to me so I decide to just bang it in, so he can't call the flush (in theory) and also should have trouble calling a weak Queen. However, I get snapped with QT and am drawing thin and it doesn't come.

Marginal tournament play improvement I guess.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (70)
Live Cash 408
Online Tournaments (2,267)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,108)

Total (3,962)

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