Friday, 3 April 2009

National Power

People in advertising have always really hacked me off (apologies Wilkinson). Whilst I was at Arthur Andersen busying myself in the Enron scandal, I lived in Golders Green with an advertising executive who went by the name of Swilbert. He was an all round top bloke, who could drink for England, but he talked about advertising.


Since we were the only smokers in the house, I often had to listen to his pontifications about media, as we sat outside puffing away. During one cigarette, he introduced me to the "top and tail". This was an idea whereby the advertiser could re-enforce their message by placing an advert both immediately at the start of a break, and just before the programme was re-started. The benefits of this were two fold. Firstly you could drum home your message, and secondly you could catch the people who were leaving/coming back from making a cuppa.

I think the pioneers of this were National Power during the 1990 World Cup. Whilst the BBC had the stylish backdrop of Nessun Dorma to add to Des Lynam's smooth lines, ITV had an overweight Peter Purvis in a shiny grey suit. Combined with Brian Moore squeezing the name "National Power" into every other sentence, and this made for pretty wretched viewing for the ITV matches.

Where am I going with this? Oh yes. Last night's cash game had a top and tail feel to it, and should certainly have been a winning night. After busting from the tournament with another poor display, I took my seat on the cash table along with Devski, The Baron, Wilkinson, David and a host of new faces.

After about 3 hands I pick up AA on the button and flat call Tom's raise. David's re-re-raise out of the big blind is music to my ears, and we get it in pre-flop and my hands holds on against his JJ to win me a £450 pot, and a great start.

I then play fairly well for the next few hours, but probably over aggressively. There was simply no need for it, as I was picking up enough chips just playing a solid game.

I lost a chunk putting Devksi and Spanish James all in with a middle pair + flush draw. James' straight holds up. I somehow build a £1100 pot with Devski with an 8 high flush draw on the flop (I priced myself in by making a poor re-re-raise on the flop). We take back £250 each and then his top pair holds up. I also lost a couple of hundred after failing to put down KK on an Ace, rag, rag flop, against a shorter stack.

There were wins in between of course - I won about £300 in total value betting non-nut hands on the river which kept me above water. Coming into the last hand of the night I had about £425 so was just in profit.

And then the evening finished with the same hole cards it started with - AA. My cab was waiting, so I managed to make my play look very desperate by putting in a HUGE overbet preflop after a re-raise. My opponent understandably snapped my hands off with KK, and unfortunately a King arrived in the door, so leaving me with a £325 loss for the evening. An undeserved loss in my opinion, as I felt in control most of the night.

After Chris Waddle deposited his penalty high into the Turin atmosphere against Germany in the 1990 semi-final, Brian Moore signed off with the immortal words:

"This night of disappointment has been brought to you in association with National Power"

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (140)
Live Cash 1,003
Online Tournaments (1,867)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (993)

Total (2,922)

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