Friday, 1 May 2009

BBQ Footprint

About half way through the £50 tournament at the LC last night, I heard a dull thud on the radiator, noticing a chicken wing had mysteriously landed next to me on the radiator from on high. Moments later my white shirt took a direct hit from Chan's second chicken bullet, leaving a big barbeque footprint on my left shoulder. Always such a professional environment at the Cannon :)

Anyhow - here are the key hands from my tournament:

I limp for 50 on the button with QcTc. David, who is fairly wild, raises to 200 and I decide to take a flop in position.

Flop: Q, 8, 8

I check, David bets 400 which I call.

Turn: 8, giving me a full house.

I check, David bets 1200 which I call.

I am a little worried by a bigger pair here, so I check the meaningless river and so does David and my hand is good. Could have won a bit more here on the river I feel.

I raise with AT and get a call from the big blind.

Flop arrives ten high with 2 diamonds, and I raise the big blind's bet to take it down

I call pocket 6s on the button in a three way pot. I miss but take it down with a bet on the turn, when it is continually checked around.

After this strong start I am up to 8k from a 5k starting stack.

Diaster strikes. I raise to 900 with AK and receive a call from James, a young, aggressive player.

Flop arrives all low cards, and I check/float his 900 bet on the flop.

Turn brings a second diamond, so I lead for 2k, to represent protecting against the flush draw, but he raises to 5k so I have to pass. I think I played my hand strongly here, so I tend to believe he had it. He claimed AK also, but I am not so sure. If so, well played to him.

Down to 3.5k now

I shove for 3,100 with AQ under the gun, pretty standard I guess. Button doesn't notice and calls the 300 big blind. After being told his 300 has to stay in the pot, he decides that a hand that was good for a limp, is now good for a call of a bet ten times that amount! He has AT and the first card out is a ten to send me to the rail.

The cash game afterwards goes well, although it was a bit of a rollercoaster. I was down £500 at one point, but ended the session up a shade over £500 so it was a great turnaround. I am fortunate to win a decent pot with AJ against AK and AQ when I hit a straight, but the most bizarre hand of the night happened near the end.

There is some pre-flop silly buggers, so myself and two others generate a £40 pot blind. Flop arrives J, 9, 8. Big stack shoves BLIND for £500 and I peek down at J8 for two pair and call off my £400 stack to win a monster pot. Not sure what was going through the big stack's mind there, as he was playing very well until that implosion.

My next venture will be online.....

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (190)
Live Cash 1,008
Online Tournaments (2,267)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,246)

Total (3,620)


fLuke said...

Who was the blind shove from? Kinda sounds like a drunken Jody move...

DungBeetle said...

The shover did not want to have his identity revealed on the blog.