Friday, 8 May 2009

Drawing Thin

Last night I played a cash hand rather poorly. I raised 6s9d in early position to £4, and was re-raised by Devski from the Big Blind. I called in position.

Flop missed me totally: Q, Q, 3

I think Dev led out and I floated by flat calling (not entirely sure what was going through my head at this point, as Dev is a bit of a rock).

Turn brings another 3.

Check, Check.

4 on the river, Dev leads out, I lose my mind and move all in and Dev calls with flopped quad Queens. Well played Jimbo.

The holdem cash ended with me down £650, before I won back nearly £350 playing the lottery of three handed Omaha with Hass and the Baron.

The tournament showed marginal improvement, but I still busted in 5th, two spots out of the money. There were some semi interesting tournament hands:

I'm down to about 4k from a 5k starting stack after a few ambitious raises. I now raise to 150 in the cutoff with QhJd and get called by the button and the big blind.

Flop arrives Qd, Js, 4d

I bet 400 and the big blind calls.

Turn is another diamond. Big blind checks, so I bet 800 and now am check raised to 2200. It is going to be my whole stack to continue with the hand, so I give him credit for the flush and pass. I made a mistake here - I should have checked back the turn and called his river bet (I had the Jack of diamonds as well).

Hairdresser limps UTG for 200 and I make it 1000 in middle position with QJ. Hairdresser is the only caller, and he checks the low flop. I shove my last 2400 and he passes KT.

We are now 5 handed and there is a limper UTG for 400. I shove for 4k with AK and get a call from AQ and I hold, to take 9k to the final table.

My stack has dwindled at the final table after making a couple of raises with trash, and folding once to a shove, and once to Deven's stop and go in the big blind. I now find 3s6d in mid position and raise to 2200 (blind 400-800). David calls, in the next seat along.

Flop K, Q, T

Check, Check

Turn is a blank, so I figure David either has a monster, or he has something like an underpair so I shove all in for 5k and David thankfully passes.

Aggro hand. I don't realise the blinds have gone up to 600-1200, so do my standard raise to 2200, and it has to go as a min raise UTG with 4s5s. Uncle Paulie calls his last 800 and the Big Blind has a big think and then calls, so from this I assume he has a marginal hand and is just calling because I messed up the original raise.

Main pot is 3000, Side pot is 3000.

Flop misses me totally, and BB checks so I bang it all in and he passes. When I show my hand (thus winning the side pot) he gets very upset, claiming I should have checked it down to eliminate Uncle Paulie. I don't understand this point of view at all - we are still three from the bubble, and there is sizeable side pot to be won. I am playing to win - if he is trying to sneak into the money three out from the bubble, then that is a strategy that is not going to get him far in the long run.

Guy from hand above shoves on the button for 4k. I call from SB with A8 which should be ahead of his range. Unfortunately he has AJ and it holds. Down to 5k.

I shove on the button with 8h3d and get called by AK in the big blind. I hit a 3 to double up to 10k.

UTG shoves for 9.5k and I find AJ in the BB and make the call. He has A2 and hits a deuce on the river to effectively end my tournament.

I often struggle for motivation to play on a Saturday, but this weekend I am aiming to finally make an appearance at the International £100 event which is very well structured.

Hopefully I will make it down there, as I need to get a lot more tournament practice, and I definitely showed signs of improvement last night.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (240)
Live Cash 758
Online Tournaments (3,667)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,407)

Total (5,481)

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