Friday, 22 May 2009

Library Poker

I popped down to the International with David and Big Mark to play the £50 tournament on Thursday evening. I had been trying to organise a cash game, but Mark seemed keen to get some tournament practice in ahead of his crack at the Main Event in a few weeks, so off we went.

£50 got you 5k chips but, for a £5 tip to the staff at the beginning of the tournament, you received an extra 2k in your starting stack, so this was a no-brainer. I have played quite often at the International recently, but my table seemed a different crowd this week. Whereas my tables at the £200 and the £60 ROE had been fun, loud and in some spots drunken, last night was very very quiet. People hardly said a word, apart from the mandatory raises and calls and it almost felt like being at work. People hardly cracked a smile, and this isn't my view of how poker should be played, but I guess it is the luck of the table draw.

Anyhow - big Mark managed to finish first out of about 70 runners for a nice payday, David busted out first (!) and I came in the middle of the pack getting eliminated shortly after the break.

Despite only playing for a couple of hours there were some interesting hands - here they are:

4 limps (my table had a lot of people who wanted to limp, so I could see a lot of flops), and I find AK on the button. I make is 250 more and get two callers.

Flop arrives A, T, 4 rainbow

I bet 800 and take it down to get up to 8k.

I raise a couple limpers with 5d6d to 200 in the cutoff and get called by the button and one of the early limpers.
Flop arrives Jd6s4d
I bet 400 and the button calls
Turn is 2c so now I have gutshot + flush draw
I check, and am checked back.
River is unfortunately a blank.
I check and the button moves all in (!) for 4/5k or something
Doesn't make a lot of sense but I pass anyway.

Min raise UTG to 200 by older gentleman. This scares the crap out of me but I call anyhow on the button with 6s8s to try and crack him. BB also comes along.
Flop arrives J, 6, 7
I expect to have to give up but everyone checks so I take a free card.
Turn is a helpful 6 to give me trips
Checked around and I bet out 500. Older chap grumbles about button steal but passes.

UTG limps for 100 as do four others.
I check 9d5d in BB
Flop: 9,6,4 rainbow
I check wanting to see what the others do, particularly the UTG limper
Checked around
Turn is a 2, giving me a gutshot
I bet 500 and UTG calls
River is a 10
I think UTG has a hand like 77/88 a lot here so value bet 1100.
UTG moves in for 6k more!
This is the same villain as in hand 2, so he is starting to lose credibility with his river over shoves. I dunno maybe 9T secured a big hand on the end. TT? A bizarrely played big pair? 78 for the open ended on the flop? Anyhow- I pass.

Multi limpers for 200 (there is a theme here) and I make it 1.1k to go from the SB with QQ.
Very tight player calls on the button.
Flop is a bag of rubbish: K, 9, 6 all diamonds.
I have no diamond.
Button leads for 2k.
I shrug, and pass.
Getting frustrated now and down to 5.5k

I find AA UTG - ah-ha. Pocket Aces! Welcome back fellas.
Blinds are now 150/300 so I make it 900 UTG.
I get called by mid position and the button.
Flop arrive A, 6, 4 with two spades
Button is very aggressive so may take a swing at this so I check. All others check:(
Turn is another 4 giving me top boat.
Check again, and now the button fires 1500 which I call. I think about the raise here, but I think it shows too much strength, plus I want the other guy in the pot. Unfortunately other guy folds.
River brings another spade which I really hope the button caught.
I have about 3k left, and decide I can't make a really milky bet into the 6k pot, so I think my best chance of getting paid off is to shove, so I do.
Button thinks for ages, but unfortunately finds a pass.
Up to 9k at the break.

I see a free flop from BB with A5o with 3 limpers at 200/400.
Flop arrives A, T, 6 rainbow
Checked around
Turn is 7
Checked around to button who stabs 500 which I call as does one other
River is a K
I check, mid position shoves and button re-shoves. Hmm - fold. They both have QJ for the nuts. Down to 8k.

I hated this hand.
3 limps round to me in the SB. I call with QcTs and BB checks.
Flop Kc9c8c giving me 2nd nut flush draw + gutshot
I check to see what develops. One of the limper bets 800 into 2k pot and gets one caller.
Sigh. I have a good draw, but I might be even drawing dead with this bet that is screaming for a call. Maybe better option is to raise here, but then I have a tough decision if he shoves over the top. I call.
Turn is a total blank.
I check and guy now bets 1500 into the 4.4k pot. Other player folds. I just sense impending doom, as he seems to just be trying to slowly get his whole stack in. I call.
River is another blank as far as my draw goes (although I think it paired the board) so I had to pass to his shove. Yuk! Don't really know what to think of this hand, except that I spewed off half my stack which is poor. Down to 4.1k.

A few hands later I find QK in mid position and bang it in. Lady immediately behind shoves all in, so I know I am probably toast. Micro stack also calls off his last 800 or so.

Me: KQ
Lady: AQ
Micro: J8

Ace on flop seals it - game over. I try to leave as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the other readers in the library ;)

I've got the nipper now all weekend - next week will be packed with poker. A cash game, a couple of tournaments and perhaps even a small venture online.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (550)
Live Cash 108
Online Tournaments (3,667)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,477)

Total (6,511)


Cool Breeze said...

heya Jim,
This is George, I did something pretty unethical to the Baron at Empire last night which pissed many people off. In hindsight I wish it didnt happen.

I dont have any contact info for him, so could you please pass on my apologies.
Many thanks.
(by the way, maybe good to reject this as a comment!?!)

DungBeetle said...

Hello George - I called the Baron but he is not answering - I've left a message conveying your apologies. He is a gentleman so I'm sure he will accept them

(sorry - published comment before read the last line!)