Monday, 4 May 2009

Live and Learn

Well, my drunken adventures in the big buy in Sunday tournaments predictably ended badly, as I took a big hit to the P&L after only cashing once. Whilst it was fun, the decision to play them inebriated was foolish, and it's striking that my entire loss for the year is caused by Sunday online losses, plus my yearly rake.

I think perhaps I will have to stay away from these for the foreseeable future, and just concentrate on live play where my form has been relatively solid. I also seem to take the live arena more seriously, get less distracted and play far less recklessly. One day I hope I can play online successfully again, but for now it is off the radar for a while.

The evening culminated when I was about 50th in chips with 800 left in the Full Tilt 750k, with a little over 500 places being paid. I made a somewhat creative and unnecessary move on somebody and ran into their flopped set to reduce my stack by about 60%. The opponent committed my number one online irritation by typing "thank you" in the chatbox as the pot was sent over to him.

This lit my touchpaper, and led to a fifteen minute chatbox war with him and another American. By the time I had tilted off the rest of my stack, I was bizarrely involved in a three way row about Ricky Hatton, even though I have minimal interest in boxing. I think the main thrust of my argument was challenging them to point to the Philippines on a map. (For the non-boxing fans, Ricky Hatton was flattened within two rounds by Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao the previous evening). I'm unsure how we got onto this debate, but it was enough to end my challenge in this particular tournament.

Anyhow, live poker now for the next 6 weeks, before we are pretty much relying on a successful WSOP adventure to rescue my chaotic poker year. Time to get focused I guess.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (190)
Live Cash 1,008
Online Tournaments (3,666)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,349)

Total (5,122)

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