Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My Little Black Dress

Whilst on the throne, I am a big fan of reading the National Enquirer. Not only does this keep me abreast of the latest developments in K-Fed's world, but I can also have a look at the fashion section. How this works is about 8 photos of miscellaneous A-Z list celebrities, half of which earn a cross for a fashion faux-pas, the remainder of which earn a tick for being well togged out.

I noticed that the celebs who went for the classical look, could hardly fail to earn a tick, while the ones who went for something off the wall got either a rave review, or a total drubbing.

I have tried to be inventive with my cash game all year with mixed results, at times playing inspired poker (my last home game), at others being a total donkey. Last night, after a kick up the backside from Fluke, I decided to play mostly ABC poker in an effort to become a winning player again. It was the equivalent of wearing the classical black dress on the Enquirer red carpet, and it reaped immediate rewards, as I turned in a £600+ profit.

My play was hardly rocket science, but worked like a dream. Perhaps some of my payoffs were from my image from months gone by, but playing like this it can hardly go wrong unless you are outdrawn.

My big hands played themselves:

1) Calling a raised pot out of big blind with AJ and check raising a big pot when the flop arrives AJrag

2) Getting all in in Omaha holding KQJT on a QJxx rainbow board.

3) Check raising all in with 99 on a 982 flop and finding a caller.

Naturally there were setbacks - my old instincts took over when Tom, resplendent in off-the-wall poodle skirt and pillbox hat, fired a big overbet on the river and I called with Ace high.

I also re-raised Dev with what I thought was Ah7h8d9c on a 3h9hTs. When Dev re-raised big, I double checked my cards and noticed I had the Ace of diamonds :( Otherwise I would have been shoving there. It turns out Dev had top set, so it wouldn't have been a great spot in any case. Note to self - Dev always has it - he goes for the safe option.

Dev = Kate Winslet

I imagine I'll get bored of my new style in the cash game, but in the short term it is exactly what I need. Tournaments next - not sure whether to play tonight or tomorrow. We shall see.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (500)
Live Cash 108
Online Tournaments (3,667)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,472)

Total (6,456)

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