Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pot Control..........sigh

I played the International £200 tournament last night alongside Professor Jalfont, whilst watching the Champions League final in the background. The club had kindly laid on 3 hours worth of free Estrella beer which I got tucked into while I played the tournament.

I felt I played pretty well, as I recovered from a disastrous 2nd level which left me in push or fold mode. Unfortunately, with 12 runners remaining, I attempted to exercise some pot control with a mediocre hand, and let Andy Achillea in for a baby flush which effectively busted me.

Anyhow - 10k starting stack, 25 minute clock, 22 runners:

Early raiser to 125 attracts 3 callers and I am in the BB with 34off. I call the extra 75.

Flop: J, 3, 4
I check, players bets 300 and called by one other player, so I check raise to 1200 and all pass to give me a nice early pot to get to 11.5k.

4 limpers for 100 and I find AJ on the button and make it 600. SB makes it 1200. I don't like the way this hand is going but have to call in position.

Flop is J, 5, 2 rainbow.

He bets 1200, I decide to find out where I am without committing myself so makes it 2700. He calls fast.

Turn is a 9 and brings a flush draw.

He bets 4.5k. Playing the hand back it looks so strong. Min-raise preflop, flat call of my re-raise on a dry flop and now a big lead once the flush card comes out. Looks like a set to me, or more likely an overpair. I fold and show. He shows 88 (WTF?)

Down to 7k.

Min raise UTG to 200, 3 callers so I call with Ad7s in the BB.

Flop A, 7, 4 all hearts

Checked around.

Turn is Queen clubs

I bet 800 with my two pair, and villain from the AJ hand (the UTG min-raiser) makes it 2500, and I am forced to pass with no hearts in my mits.

Down to 5k now and steaming a bit.

Very next hand there is one limper and then guy directly to my right makes it 500. I find AK, and have a really awkward stack as I can't really shove for ten times his bet so I flat call. 2 other callers, but the board misses me totally and I have to give up on the turn.

Down to 4.5k

4 limpers for 300 and I find AA with with 4k behind. I can't really raise to 2k here as it would look so suspicious so I shove, hoping to make it look like AK or a mid pair. Unfortunately nobody is strong enough to call, so up to 5.5k at the break.

I raise 99 UTG for 1100. BB defends.

Flop: T, 5, 3

I shove for 3.8k and he passes.

Crazy Chinese dude opens for 1600. I find AQ in SB and shove for 7k total. He calls with KQ and I double up to 14k.

I steal the blinds from the button with 99 and AK, showing both times to make sure the blinds don't think I am at it. They are both strong players and I don't want them playing back at me later on.

Antes are now in play - 400/800 a100 - so my range now opens way up, and I hope to take advantage of my tight image with so much in the middle.

I immediately steal two pots with 57off and JT sooted, to get my stack up to 17k.

UTG raises to 2k and it is called in mid position. I find 88 in the SB and make it 7k total. All pass (including AQ in the BB). Stack now 21k.

Mis-step. Having only shown quality when button raising, I now execute plan B and raised to 2300 with K3 off. Achillea calls in the BB.

Flop Q, Q, 4

Check, Check.

Turn is 7.

I bet 4800 and Andy dwells for a while and then moves all in for 5k more. I have to pass - should have bet less there as his stack was smaller than I thought. Down to 14k.

Jalfont has now joined the table sitting directly to my right. Folded round to him and he puts out a weird raise from the SB to 1500. I make it 4500 with A4 and he dwells and passes.

I now donk off a fair few chips and move down to about 11k.

Funny hand. I raise UTG with QhTh to 3500 (blinds now 600/1200 a100). Scottish dude thinks for a little while and calls in the BB.

Flop is T, 7, 2

He checks, and I shove all in for my last 7k or so. He seems a little perplexed and asks me if I feeling confident. I am about 10% through saying "never confident being all in etc etc etc" when what's this? He's seen something in my body language and has called for most of his stack............with 7....4. Apparently something in my shoulders told him that I had unpaired big cards.

My stack is at about 19k when my virtual exit hand occurs with 12 runners left.

Andy Achillea raises to 2700 UTG and I am in the BB with A3. I hate calling a raise with Ace rag out of position, but the pot odds are so good. I call the 1500 extra.

Flop arrive Ace, 5, 9 with one heart.

Andy bets 3k or so, after I check, which I call. Pot now 12.6k and getting a little out of hand.

Turn is a blank heart. I opt for pot control and check. Andy checks his cards and then checks behind me. I should have picked up what he was looking for here.

River is Queen hearts. Having opted for pot control earlier, I now make an error and try to value bet 6k. Andy dwells a while and then moves all in for 9k more. The situation has........deteriorated. 9k into a pot of 33k, but I can only really beat a bluff. I don't know what to do, as Andy has seen me lay down big hands already tonight, so may think he can get me off this, as I haven't really shown much strength in the hand.

If I fold, I have 10k left, with blinds at 800/1600 a200 which doesn't sound too promising. I make the call, and discover I have let my opponent in for a runner runner flush with 5h6h. So much for the merits of pot control! Down to 900.

I am all-in in the small blind, and crazy Chinese guy randomly decides to isolate me with Q9, much to the annoyance of the big blind. Unfortunately, my 73off does not outrun him and I am bust in 12th position.

Jalfont exits soon after in 10th.

This tournament has an excellent structure, although the lack of runners is slightly offputting for a chunky buy in, as first place pays only about £1,700 I think, and you want a bit more bang for your buck from a £200 investment.

Tonight is the all star cash game :) Other players include The Baron, Fluke, Dev, David, Uncle Paulie, The Nit, Hairdresser and The Racist. Can't wait.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (750)
Live Cash 108
Online Tournaments (3,667)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,487)

Total (6,721)

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