Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tears on Broadway

I ventured down to the International on Monday night with Devski and Dave Evermy to play the Round of Each £30 + £30 tournament. I made a conscious decision to play tighter in my current slump, and the tournament hinged around two broadway Omaha hands, one of which was for the chip lead.

I haven't played a hand for two orbits, and Dave comments to that effect. I immediately raise his blind with Jd6c, and he mutters something about how he would fold Kings and passes :)

I see a flop cheaply out of the BB with A882 (nut hearts) and miss totally and pass to go down to 2.6k from a 3k start.

UTG limps for 200 and the SB calls. I am in the BB and find QQ to I make it 1k on top. UTG calls and the SB folds.

Flop K, 8, 7

Not ideal but first to act I shove my 1.6k remaining into the 2.2k pot and he calls with the slowplayed AA. Rebuy time. £30 for 4k extra chips.

Gutshot pro Gabriel in UTG+1 raises to 600, Dave calls and then a small stack goes all in for 500 or so. I repot to 3.1k total with AKQJ (nut spades) and Gabriel is the only caller.

I shove my last 700 without looking at the flop, but it arrives a pleasant:

J, J, 4 rainbow.

Gabriel has to call but he is virtually drawing dead. I thought his pre-flop call here was a bit optimistic, as he had something weird like A, 4, 6, 7 single nut suited.

I scoop and get up to 8k or so.

I am still playing very snugly, and pick on different players each time to steal once a round (Gabriel aside, who I tend to think will defend out of position too often for my steals to work). This time I raise 7c8c against the big stack and get it through to keep ticking along.

I limp SB for 600 with 8876 suited in hearts. BB makes it 1500 total and I call with my speculative holding.

Flop arrives K, 4, 9

I am about to give up on the hand so check, but surprisingly big blind checks also.

River brings an Ace

I decide to take one stab on the scare card so pot it for 3k ish. Opponent umms and arrs for a while before passing with an unhappy look on his face. QQxx perhaps?

I limp button with KQ77 DS and Gabriel makes it 2.5k from the BB so I take a flop in position. I miss flop and have to pass to his lead out.

Limp UTG for 800 and a call on the button. I pot it for 2.8k extra with KK96 DS and both pass.

Here comes the exit hand. I'll report this one in some detail as I'm not sure I played it correctly.

My stack is a little over 10k and I am on the button.

Mid position big stack limps for 800. I limp with AcKsJhTh. I would normally pot here, but decided to mix things up a little as I had opened up a bit recently. SB calls, and the Gabriel in the BB makes it 3200 more.

Big stack calls. Again I have to decide whether to shove or not. My thinking was:

In favour:
1)If I call I have already put 40% of my stack in the middle
2)The strength of my hand is disguised by the limp pre-flop
3)I might get it down to heads up

1)I would lose the power of the button in what will be a huge pot
2)My hand plays badly against AAxx hands which must be a factor
3)If I miss totally I can still carry on with 7 big blinds
4)It's going to be hard to get people to pass given my stack size.

I elect to call and so does the SB - four players to the flop - pot is 16k (!)

Flop arrives: 8c, 9h, Kc

I begin licking my chops as I now have something to work with, as I have open ended straight draw + top pair. However, before I can decide what to do, like a whirlwind the action has gone shove, shove, shove!!!

What now? I am in all likelihood up against a set(s) + flush draw, so I have to dodge the paired board, club AND hit my straight or a runner runner flush or house. However, I am getting 11/2 on my money, and I can't see that I am further behind than that. I thought at the time the odds made it a call. Add to that it was for the chip lead and only the top three prizes were significant and there were 18 runners left I decided to go for it.

Here are the hands (and percentages calculated this morning). I only saw the hands very quickly so apologies if I have got any of them wrong.

Me: AcKsJhTh (Top OESD, runner runner flush/house, top pair - 20.1%)
Gabriel: 6d7h3c5s (Bottom mini wrap - 3.9%)
SB: 4c5h6c6d (Bottom large wrap + club draw - 28.5%)
Big Stack: 8d8s6sTd (Bottom set + gutshot - 47.5%)

The board blanked out so bottom set man sent three of us to the rail and amassed a huge chip stack. Thoughts on how this hand played out? Perhaps the shove pre-flop could have eliminated any of these decisions, and my hand is probably strong enough to do it.

Anyhow - looks promising for a cash game tonight, before a visit back to The International on either Wednesday or Thursday for a tournament.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (500)
Live Cash (542)
Online Tournaments (3,667)
Online Cash (250)
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,422)

Total (7,056)


Gabriel said...

Hey mate, well played!

Just some comments on my hands. In hand 4 I had As 4s, 7d, 8c. You are right, the call is a bit optimistic. Thought about folding which would have been the right play, but I was big stack and felt I could gamble with those pot odds for spades or low flop as A478 has some two-pair/straight potential...

Hand 8 was just sick. I wish I didn't raise it pre-flop! :). I actually had 5679 with two spades. As the pot is huge I felt it was reasonable to isolate with one pair and open-ended straight draw when UTG shoves. In retrospect, I think I should have folded on that board structure...

SB actually had 567T with flush draw which is huge on that board!

Funny thing is I would have won against his huge wrap and your A high with my one pair of 9 if only the other guy had not woken up with a set... :)

See you some other day.

DungBeetle said...

Hello Gabriel - enjoyed the game last night. Unlike with Holdem, it is sometimes hard to remember the exact Omaha cards of opponents particularly in multiple pots, so I hope I didn't do your hole cards too much of a dis-service.

I see now that the SB hand was even bigger than I realised (as was yours).

A funny hand indeed - I wonder if the guy with the set went on to win it?