Friday, 5 June 2009

Bad Play Rewarded

I played poorly in the cash game last night, but still ran good and won £80ish when I probably should have been in the hole for £400.

The principal victim of my outdraws was Fluke, with two particularly brutal hands as detailed below:

I was playing about £230 when this hand came up. The table was playing very loose and there was a raise and re-raise to £20 round to me and I look down at 55. I called, and Fluke makes it £70ish on the button. Folded back to me, and clearly I should pass as I have no implied odds due to the stack size. I elect to call, and shove any flop first to act. Fortunately for me the flop arrives K, 5, 2 and I beat AA.

Two limps and I make it £6 on the button. Fluke calls out of SB and David makes it £28. Other guy calls, I call and Fluke then shoves for £230 more. All pass back to me and I make the call getting 6/4 with Kd7d. My odds aren't enough against most hands, but I beat AK with a 7 on the turn.

I think I busted the Hairdresser, but I lost a good £200 to David after calling him down in dubious spots.

So a poor performance, but perhaps, at this stage right before Vegas, the confidence of winning no matter how you play is invaluable.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (750)
Live Cash 1,496
Online Tournaments (1,312)
Online Cash 598
Poker Festivals (675)
Rake (1,777)

Total (2,420)

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