Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Vegas Day 5 - WSOP $1500

Another bad day at the office unfortunately, and a bustout half way through level 3. "Refreshed", after an all night drinking/poker session with the Baron and the Nit where I at least posted a decent cash win, I headed for the Rio with a headache and feeling extremely tired.

My table was much easier than the previous WSOP event, with lots of passive players on there and only a couple of trouble spots.

I chipped up to 5500 from the 4500 starting stack without showdown, although I still had no cards to speak of. Unfortunately people began playing back at me a bit, and I had gone down to about 4300, when the wheels began to come off.

3 limpers and I call the button with QhTh. BB shoves for his last 400 and one other person calls, so I decide to see a flop in position. The other caller was a very tight older lady.

Flop come QKT.

She checks, and I am worried she might have hit this pretty hard so I check my 2 pair behind.

Turn is a disastrous J and lady bets out. That'll be an ace then, so I have to pass and she wins. Messed this hand up and down to 3800 at the break.

Early position raise to 375, and I call the button with 88. BB makes it 1375 and the early raiser calls. Sigh. I call off a third of my stack hoping for the miracle, on the basis that there is a small chance both have AK/AQ hands, and if I hit I will stack at least one of them.

Flop arrives KQ3 and the other players go bonkers so I pass and it is QQ v AK. I which the AK guy had shoved pre-flop to the re-raise, as that would have saved me a big chunk. I guess I should have passed anyway.

It is now hard to get a spot, as there are numerous 1k short stacks on the table who are all looking to shove at the 75/150 level and, as usual, I am totally card dead.

I am down to 2100 when the final hand occurs:

Older lady limps, SB loose player calls and I check my option in the BB with T7.
Flop arrives K, T, 8 and it is checked around.
Turn is a 2, and the loose player leads for 500. He has been doing these kind of stabs a lot, so it seems a good spot to shove for 1550 more, as my stack size is perfect for it. He tanks, and eventually calls with K3 and I am done for the day once again.

I am finding these tournaments so frustrating, as the cards simply are not coming. No pocket cards, and when I do see a flop with suited connectors the flop always comes AQT or something. Tomorrow I am taking a break, and going on an all day cash session with the guys - that will leave two more tournament days before we head back.

On the cash front, there was one amusing hand last night.

Raised to $7 and called in several spots so I call on the button with 5d6d. Baron makes it $35 blind from the BB, and I call in position as we are both pretty deep.
Flop arrive KQ6 with one diamond and Baron leads blind as well for $70 or some such nonsense. I used the "holdem bonus table" strategy to deduce I am likely to be ahead so shove for $400 total. Baron interrogates me, and finds out I have a 6, so when he finds JT it is a fair call with his open-ended + overs. The Ace comes, but running diamonds give me the pot. The table looks on bemused as the $800 pot plays out.


David said...


looks as if its time to implement Shit System 2

DungBeetle said...

I agree indeed. I shall be putting it into operation today at Tresure Island :)