Friday, 12 June 2009

Vegas Day 1 - Venetian $500

Well I'm out about half way through the field of 660 - I played pretty well apart from one disastrous hand, so I'm quite happy. I also won $700 on some poker holdem bonus house game in the morning, so it was a freeroll effectively. Perhaps my profits on craps/roulette etc may pay for any poker losses.

Anyhow - here is how it went down. Not too many interesting hands so I will group them by levels:

LEVEL 1-3 - my starting stack 15k

Hand 1
Folded round to me and I pass in the SB. BB old guy fires in 500 (blinds 50-100) without looking. I point out I have given him a walk and he takes the pot. Seems this fella is keen to defend the BB which is crucial in.......

Folded round to me in the SB and I make it up with Kd7d. BB old guy makes it 500 fast and I call.

Flop K J 7 with two hearts

I check, old guy bets 1100, so I make it 3300 with my two pair. He calls.

River is a black 9

I check again, He bets 3600, so I shove for 12k total. He tanks, bizarrely puts me on a flush draw considering I check raised him twice, and calls with KT. I dodge the outs he has to pick up a big pot.

LEVEL 4-6 - my starting stack 26k

Things take a turn for the worse as an internet big shot joins the table two to my left. What a disaster - he has position on me nearly every hand, and when I have the button he is in the BB. He promptly goes berserk, tearing up the table and building a big stack - very impressive I have to say.

I raise the cutoff with A8 to 800 and the button calls. Internet Wizard (IW) makes it 2700. I am so tempted to re-raise but feel that even he wouldn't squeeze out of the small blind out of position when we are so deep, so I pass.

Table aggro/loonie dunce makes it 800 as he always does from later position and I call in the BB with JdTd.

Flop is QT3

I check, he makes it 1600 and I raise to 5000 and he passes.

The guy to my left is on huge tilt after losing a big pot. Folded round to me on the button and I find Jc9c. I know IW will re-raise light so I limp for 400 on the button. Tilt guy calls and IW makes it 1600 obviously. I make it 5k from the button and tilt guys moves in for 6k total from the SB. FFS. Internet guy passes disgusted, so I guess he must have had a big hand. I have to call, and tilt guy has JT. Great. Dominated. I lose. Bizarre hand.

IW has cracked someones aces, so the victim shoves UTG for 1k total at 300-600. American middle aged guy (MAG) means to call but somehow creates a min raise to 1500. Two other callers and I shove for 14k total with AQ. All pass including MAG. When the cards are on their back he goes ballistic saying he passed pocket 8s. The original shover had 78, so I have created a pot with tons of dead money with the best hand. First card is of course an 8, so MAG is furious. He hates my play and calls me a donkey. I lose the hand, but I created a hand where I was a decent favourite at 5-1. Whatever. Internet Wizard loves my play, and tells me as we head to the break, that MAG doesn't know what he is doing and is just pissed that he missed out on a set. Me and a young internet guy in agreement - whatever next? Clearly losing this hand is a set back though as I am down to 14k. MAG storms away from the table saying "ACE QUEEN? ACE QUEEN?" :)

LEVEL 7-8 - my starting stack 14k

I raise at 400-800 to 2300 with pocket threes. MAG is still furious and shoves for 13k total. I have to pass.

Antes are really hurting me now, and when I find QT in second position I have to shove for 10k total, as the blinds are about to hit me and my stack will become unplayable. IW calls me with 88 and I lose the race.

Really enjoyed the tournament - I picked up a bunch of small pots with mediocre hands in addition to the above so I feel in pretty good form. WSOP tomorrow. If the poker goes badly there is always the banker profit on the table games ;)


Scampman said...

Good luck for the rest of the trip, sounds like you're on you're game.

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