Sunday, 14 June 2009

Vegas Day 2 - Cash Game Woe

After my early WSOP bustout, I went to join the guys at the MGM playing a cash game. The Nit wanted to be on his own table (and sure enough ground out a $150 profit) but myself, Devski and The Baron located ourselves together on a fun and loose table.

Unfortunately we all got wiped out, predominantly by a player who ran very hot, and cold decked people regularly so a pretty unplayable combination. I finished a little under $600 down for the session, so it's fair to say Vegas hasn't gone too well so far from a poker perspective. Last year was the same though, and that ended in profit, so hopefully things will turn.

There was also one player who had the annoying habit of saying when he 3-bet "Make it 60 all day"/"Make it 30 all day" etc.

I lost three big pots, none of which I could do much about really:

Raise to $6 and called in a couple of spots. Lucky guy makes it $20 and AllDay calls. I make it $60 in the BB with AK and AllDay flat calls for half his stack (?).

Flop is A, J, X

AllDay checks, I put him in and he snaps with JJ. I guess his bizarre plan was to call half his stack and then fold if an Ace or King popped up. Same result anyway if he shoved.

Limped is several spots and Lucky guy makes it $15 which AllDay calls. I make it $60 from the BB with QQ and both call. Sigh.

Flop is 9, 5, T

AllDay checks, I lead for $100 and Lucky guy puts me in for $100 more. I sigh, and call. Turn and River blanks and Lucky guy nicely slow rolls his set of 5s. He called off 20% of his stack there to set mine. Young guy down the far end gets upset about the slow roll, but myself and Devski both knew as soon as he flipped the first 5 that the only possible other card was the brother 5.

I raise to $6 with JhTh. A few other callers and Lucky Guy micro raises to $15 which obviously every one calls.

Flop is Qh8s2h giving me flush draw + gutshot.

Myself and Lucky guy go to war and he calls my 4bet shove with Q8 for top two and I of course miss, and am done for the day.

Myself and Shazbo tried out Andre's french restaurant in the evening, at the Monte Carlo. The steak was delicious, but the meal came in a bit pricey I thought at a little under $300. Including the WSOP a rather depressing outlay of $2500 yesterday.

Hopefully I will get a bit of luck today at Caesars.

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Ian said...

Chin up Jimbo. Keep grinding it mate. It'll come.

Oh btw, if you hadnt already heard, Caesars have changed their schedule due to poor numbers and are now doing 330's every day, scrapping the 540's and higher. Each day Ive popped in there have been about 130 runners.