Saturday, 13 June 2009

Vegas Day 2 - WSOP $1500

I really felt stuck in the mud in this tournament - nothing got going and I busted shortly before the end of level 3. The table was as as you would expect at the WSOP - about 4 young internet pros, a pokerstars sponsored pro, a random Russian and a couple of middle aged rich Americans.

$4500 starting stack - not too much happened but here is how it panned out:

LEVEL 1 - BLINDS 25/50

I raise to 125 with KJ from the button. Middle aged American (MAG) calls from BB.
Flop is all rags
He checks, I bet 225, he makes it a ludicrous 1050 and I pass.

I raise to 125 with 55 from the button and MAG calls from BB.
Flop is A, 2, 8
He checks, I bet 225, he makes it a ludicrous 1050 and I pass.

I raise to 125 with QT from the button and MAG calls from BB.
Flop is Q, Q, 3
He checks, I bet 225, he passes. FFS!

LEVEL 2 - BLINDS 50/100

Good internet player makes it 275 in early position. I call in the cutoff with KQ as do both the blinds (both poor players).
Flop K, 7, 5 rainbow
Blinds check, good internet player makes it 400 which I call - both blinds call.
Turn is a brick
Good internet player bets 675.
This looks so much like he is milking it so I pass my top pair.

I steal a few blinds, but am down to 2900 at the break.

LEVEL 3 - BLINDS 75/150

I steal a few pots pre-flop with my standard 400 raise to get to about 3200.

I raise to 400 in early position with 55. Good internet player calls on the button.
Flop is all high cards and all hearts.
I check and button bets a tiny 225. Tempted to float, and then play for my whole stack but I chicken out and pass.

Good internet player raises UTG to 425. I raise to 1100 in middle position with JJ. Blinds pass and internet player calls.
Flop is all low.
He checks, I shove and he calls with 99 to double me up.

I then win about 3 small pots in a row to get to 4700, and starting to feel good.

Russian makes it 700 in mid-position, and I raise to 1800 next to act with QQ. He shoves and I have a decision. I should probably find a fold here, as I would have 3k ,with blinds about to hit only 100/200, but two factors count against that. Firstly if he has AK, then I happy to take a race with 30% of my stack in already, plus the fact I would be table captain if I win and all the power that goes with that. Secondly, I have been short stacked for 90 mins and don't really want to go back to that spot, given that the field is so huge and you have to chip up. I call, but he has KK and I lose.

Jimbo's poker annoyance watch:

1) The Brazilan pokerstars pro woman kept saying things were "sick good". FFS. Now not only do I have to hear the word "sick", but it now also needs to be qualified as if we don't know what it means.

2) Reporter asked Thor Hansen where he was from. He replied "It's a long story, but I am from Norway and then I moved over here". Very long story indeed Thor.

Caesars event is tomorrow.

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