Sunday, 14 June 2009

Vegas Day 3 - Caesars $340

Unfortunately I only just received Ian's post on the last entry, so we arrived a Caesars to discover they had scrapped their old poker festival, and were now just holding $340 tournaments every day. It was too late to head elsewhere, so myself, Shazbo and Sir Mike took to the felt in a field of 260 runners, leaving the Baron to terrorise the cash tables. 15k starting stack was decent, but the blinds went up rapidly after level 4.

This will also entail a rejig of my schedule as the Caesar's $1k no longer exists, but I'll look at that tomorrow. Apparently Caesars only got 18 runners for their last $1k event, which is surprising given the success of their festival last year. It seems the recession has reached Vegas, although the Venetian still boasts huge fields.

Anyhow, the tournament was a non-event. I was card dead (and I mean REALLY card dead), and seem to be suffering from the onset of flu, due to sitting in the air-conditioning for three days without a jacket. I'll be having an early night tonight in an attempt to get back to full fitness.

I put in my first raise after three orbits(!) with AJ UTG but get repopped from the button and let it go. Can't imagine I am not beat there, as he has to respect my raise as I have the image of uber-rock.

I call a raise on the button with JT. Blinds comes along as well.
Flop is QT3
I call the continuation bet and the turn is a helpful Jack. He calls two streets of bets to get me up and running.

It is by this time level 3 (told I was card dead!) and I raise Shazbo's limp from the SB with AQ to 700 and both the BB and Shazbo call.
Flop is Q, rag, rag and my 1200 bet takes it down. AQ was to be the best hand I saw in the whole six 50 minute levels I participated in. Incredible.

Table now breaks and I move to table populated with miserable players and an awful dealer. The dealer can't handle the antes, can't deal with chopped pots and generally has a shocker. This upsets the miserable table even more. I won a few pots on the steal on this table, but only come out level as twice I am repopped by the big stack, when I have raised with my assorted trash in the cutoff/hijack.

Table breaks and I get moved with my 14k stack to a table with several big stacks. I am started to fall below average now, which is 20k.

I raise to 700 with A8 at 100/200/a25. BB defends.
Flop is A, K, 7 rainbow
He checks I bet 1200 which he calls.
Turn is 3
He checks and I check behind for pot control. As usual my attempts at pot control are disastrous and the King river, means I call his 2100 bet on the end and he has K9:(

Sir Mike joins the table, also struggling, but he quickly wins a big pot to get back in contention. Shazbo has since busted. I also raise a few unraised pots with rubbish, but either get heavy re-raise action or have to give up on Broadway flops. Consequently I am down to about 7k at the 200/400/a50 level, and my stack is getting eaten away.

Button raises to 1400 and I am in the SB. I take a gamble that he is stealing so re-steal for 7k total with 72off. He passes and this buys me a couple of orbits, although I would have looked like a bit of an idiot if he had called.

I am back down to 7k after a few barren orbits when there are a couple of 400 limps and I decide to shove squeeze from the cutoff with Q9. BB wakes up with TT and I am done.

A miserable tournament - didn't enjoy it at all, except my first table with Shazbo, and Ash from London who is a former Gutshot player. The second table was one of the worst I have every played poker on in terms of poor dealership and bad tempered miserable players. The final table was the pain of short stack grinding on a big stack table. I guess feeling off colour didn't help, so hopefully I will feel better for tomorrow's event. Not sure whether to play the Omaha downtown, or stay for a "home" fixture at the Venetian.

To end on an amusing note, in the cash game yesterday Devski's river re-raise was flat called by the nuts. When Dev enquired why he didn't re-re-raise the guy said he didn't know how Dev played and didn't want to raised off the pot :) Unfortunately these players have the measure of us on the cash tables at the moment, which either illustrates that we are all running bad, or indicates we are uber-donkeys.

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David said...

thanks for the postings Jimbo - although sounds like youre all playing like a load of donkeys

good luck for the rest of the trip and for god's sake can one of you win something decent. Remember I have another week of office based tedium while you lot jazz it up - at least provide some entertainment