Monday, 15 June 2009

Vegas Day 4 - Venetian $340

This will be a quick one. I made a conscious decision to play more hands today in the early levels, as I've been playing too tight early on so far. This worked well to begin with as I moved up swiftly to 16k from the 12k starting stack. I actually managed to get all in on the second hand from the cutoff with 45 on a two pair flop, but, when called, fortunately the big blind had the same hand.

After my 16k high point the wheels came off, as I fired three pot bets with QJ on a Q78K9 board and a hero managed to call 4k on the end with K3. The pot was raised pre-flop as well.

That put me down to 7k, and after a few aborted steal attempts with poor holdings, I was suddenly down to 3.5k at the 100/200/a25 level.

I decided to reshove out of the BB on my next hand, as I have better things to do that sit around short stacked, when there are still 700 players remaining, and only the top 70 get paid.

Sure enough an active player makes it 800, and I fortunately find my best hand of the day - 99. In it goes and he has pocket tens obviously.

Rio tomorrow.

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