Thursday, 18 June 2009

Vegas Day 6 - Blue Man Group Embarrassment

Went to Blue Man Group last night - clearly I was very tired and hungover, with the squits, after an all night session with the guys the night before. Unfortunately, I scored the 1000-1 shot of being picked for audience participation by the blue faced characters :(

The Blue Man, searched the audience and found some Toblerone, before breaking off three pieces and giving them to me. Before I knew it, I was on the big screen at the front very hungover. The Blue Man waited expectantly miles in front, hovering. I didn't know what was going on, so I decided to eat the Toblerone, but the Blue Man started shaking his head and motioning for me to throw. I eventually got with the programme, and lobbed the white chocolate missiles, which were caught from 30 yards in the mouth of the Blue Boy. Everyone cheered, but in retrospect I should have figured that the huge audience hadn't paid $180 to watch an overweight European eating Toblerone on the big screen :(

On the poker front I took a day off from serious tournaments, and had the most fun I have had all trip. The Tresure Island cash game was of a very poor standard, but that didn't stop me flopping the King flush and running into the flopped Ace flush. Clearly that didn't work out too well.

I also played the $65 Treasure Island tournament, which was great fun, but a total crapshoot, and I busted shortly before the final table. The boys are planning an afternoon at Treasure Island tomorrow, so I'm planning to do that, before having a last crack at a serious tournie the next day at the Venetian.

We hit Planet Hollywood for a cash game in the evening and, despite me losing a big pot to the Baron where he flopped a Jack flush, I came out with a profit.

The Nit got shafted, getting KK v AA against Shazbo, and then getting his Aces cracked by a random Aussie via the runner runner spade route all in on the flop. I think the Baron, the Don + Shazbo all cashed out nicely in the black, as our aggressive betting took the other players miles outside their comfort zone. Numerous times the other players left their dead money in the pot, as we went to war with our dubious holdings.

About time our style started paying dividends I guess, although it's probably too late for me to now make it a profitable trip, unless I run well in the final big tournament.

Laters folks..........

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