Thursday, 18 June 2009

Vegas Day 7 - An Afternoon in Treasure Island

We had a great day today - not from a profit point of view necessarily, but our cash table was great at Treasure Island (TI). We discovered the phenomenon of "lemon drops" from Dave from Cleveland - tasted strangely like Limoncello but a bit stronger.

TI have an odd rule in that you can straddle for whatever amount you want. Since the Baron was directly to my left, that meant I was facing situations in my BB of $1/$3/$40 etc etc. I decided when folded round to me the best option was to shove with any decent hand and cross the fingers, but when it wasn't folded round the pots were explosive, as clearly the Baron was reluctant to give up any decent holding.

Bizarrely, two players at my table thought myself and the Baron were brothers, and if you know what we look like you will understand how unfathomable this was! Clearly I got the "good looking", the "grey" and the "tubby" gene from father Spence ;)

Anyhow, I made about $100 from a hugely enjoyable and drunken cash game. Unfortunately I continue to run like a dog in tournaments, as I played the $65 2pm and 10pm crapshoots at TI. Highlights include:

Tournament 1
I build up big stack including slaying Tom, before calling an all in from short stack with 99 from the BB and losing to AK. I then shove over early raiser with AK and lose to JJ to be eliminated. Race, lose, race, lose, rinse and repeat.

Tournament 2
I build up above average stack as and then......
I raise KJ in the cutoff to 300 and the BB calls.
Flop is Kxx with two clubs.
He checks, I bet 600 and BB shoves. I call his 99% ace rag club draw and two nanoseconds later there is another club on the turn.
I then shove K2 from the SB and BB calls with 56(?). Obviously flop contains two 5s and I am toast.

Not sure what the plan is tomorrow. I have had such fun the last two days, so perhaps I will wait for the gimps to awake after their clubbing session tonight and join them on a cash frenzy, as opposed to playing a big tournament.

Other player news:
The Nit won about $400 today to make up for his unlucky debacle last night.
Sir Mike Conway got a min cash in the WSOP $1500 event, so congratulations to him. This also adds to his 12th place finish at Caesars, so the tournament machine is still functioning, better than me at any rate.
Not sure on the finishing cash positions of the other boys, but I don't think too much damage was done either way.

We all had dinner at the Social House, and the tasting menu was spectacular. My food bill this holiday has been astronomical, but has been worth it I think.

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Scampman said...

Good luck for the rest of the trip, hope you get a nice cash as a going home present..