Thursday, 11 June 2009

Vegas Day Zero

Gatwick airport 9am - location is the overpriced seafood bar.

I am just about to tuck into my seafood platter, when I notice Dan, formally from Eastenders, sitting right next to me. He was the rugged chap, attractive to ladies of a certain age, who had it away with Bianca behind poor Ricky's back. He also gave a plastic performance as one of the henchmen in Stallone's Cliffhanger.

Anyhow I am vaguely mulling over this brush with celebrity, when an unheard voice says to him that he has been offered a part in Dancing on Ice.

Dan replies "Actors can't do that - it will ruin my credibility. You should go for it though, as you are an entertainer."

Leaving aside the question of Dan's credibility in the first place, I quickly realise that the unheard "entertainer" is likely to belong to someone with considerable annoyance factor.

Sure enough, I turn around and it is non other than Mr Bobby Davro.

Predictably, within five minutes Davro has wound me up, by trotting out both a Chris Eubank impersonation, as well as a ropey impression of a Scouser, as he guzzles some pink champagne. FFS. What a start to the trip I ponder, as I silently stab my smoked salmon on the plate.

We eventually get on the flight, but not before Shazbo has ruined a couple of Scandies' game of "Lodden Thinks" by providing an answer of "who cares?" to the question of how many people are in the terminal waiting area. Settle that bet boys :)

We are now safely holed up in the Venetian, and I am looking forward to the $500 event tomorrow, which takes place downstairs. This will serve as a decent warmup before my first WSOP event the next day.

I doubt I'll play any poker today, but I believe the Nit, the Baron and Devski are already on the cash tables approximately 45 seconds after checking in. Reprobates, the lot of them.

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