Friday, 12 June 2009

Vegas - Middle of the Night

Jetlag has kicked in, and I am sitting here at 6am after eight hours sleep waiting for the midday Venetian tournament. Shazbo has been dispatched for coffees, so I guess I'll just stay up now and hope I don't get too jaded if I go deep today.

Had a splendid dinner at AquaKnox last night - crab stuffed lobster following a tuna tartar starter, with a cracking bottle of Savignon Blanc. Beforehand though, I found myself briefly on the cash tables after meeting the lads, although we were all on separate tables due to the sheer volume of players in the Venetian poker room.

One early observation is that the support staff are either unmotivated, or over worked - probably both. It took 45 mins to order a drink, and 20 mins even to receive my chips - hopefully this will improve but somehow I doubt it.

My table was all American/Canadian, with a standard selection of hoodies, shades and caps in play. Playing $300, I played tight early on, and couldn't find a hand to get involved with, as I surveyed how the rest of the table was playing. My small pairs weren't hitting sets, and my suited connectors were missing by a mile.

Much to my chagrin, the word "sick" was used almost every other word by some of the others players. In particular one chap was counterfeited on the river and used the word four times in the same sentence.

Anyhow I was down to $270 when the following hand came up:

Goatee guy raises in 2nd position to $20 - he has been active and has been doing these ten times BB opens a fair bit. I find AhQh in the BB and make it $60 to play. He ponders and calls - hmmmm - don't like the way this one is going.

Flop arrives 9h Jc 5s giving me nothing except backdraw flush and straight draws plus over cards. I lead out for $100 and he thinks for ages.

He tells me this is sick. It will be so sick if I have aces. He eventually shoves for $118 more. Bollox. I would have to put my last $110 in to win a $430 pot. I don't have the odds against KK or AJ. However there is a decent chance he has QT or T8 here, as he has played these type of hands all the time I have been at the table.

I call and sure enough he has slow played me pre-flop with KK, and I miss my meagre outs.

As the river is coming down it is declared it would be sick if this hits. The other player comments that the pre-flop flat call was sick, and also it is declared that whilst I was likely to be behind, my call was also sick due to the potential I was against a draw. Sick indeed.

I reload for $200 and get about $100 back before I leave, holding the Ace flush against the Queen flush. However, I should have won double that as the hands were as follows:

Me: AsKs
Opponent: QsTs

Flop was Js9s5s giving us bother flushes but he had an open-ended straight flush draw (of which only one card was in fact available). We both slow played on the flop, but if I had lead out we would definitely have got it all in. Unfortunately the turn AND river both came spades thus reducing how much I could get out of the Queen flush man.

I left $200 down - I won't be updating my P&L till I return as I don't have my spreadsheet with me. The Baron and Devski both seemed to have had winning starts as I left for dinner.

Next post is a tournament report.

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