Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Vegas Schedule

Nearly that time of the year again, so I have put together a provisional schedule of the tournaments I will be playing in Vegas. In addition to the below, I've got a $1500 cash game budget, plus $600 set aside for any crapshoots that take my fancy. There is also another $2k WSOP event on the 18th which I will play if I am playing well, but that is only provisional.

Last year I burned out after playing too many all night cash sessions, so I'll try and take things a little easier this time. This may be easier said than done with the squad of players we are taking out there (Baron, Devski, Nit, The Don + Sir Mike).

I won't update my P&L while I'm away - I'll just assume that I'm going to go through the entire $8,500 and I'll add back whatever I return home with.

I'll try and update the blog with tournament reports every morning, so stay tuned.

12 June - Venetian - $550 Holdem
13 June - Rio - $1500 WSOP Holdem
14 June - Caesars - $540 Holdem
15 June - Golden Nugget - $230 Omaha
16 June - Rio - $1500 WSOP Holdem
17 June - Caesars - $1060 Holdem
18 June - Venetian - $550 Omaha ($2,000 WSOP?)
19 June - Venetian - $550 Holdem

Only one week to go.......... :)

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C said...

good luck mate!!