Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Dusty Bin

It is the dizzy summer of 1987 and myself and Den have hit the pinnacle. We are in the final round of 3-2-1 and now have a simple task of picking the right prize from the three remaining clues. Ted Rogers is smiling. What a lovely man – so quick at putting us at ease with his mindless patter.

Our Cortina is parked outside Yorkshire Television Studios, but I really fancy a new motor. Just need to decipher which clue it hides behind. Hmmmm – what could go wrong?

“And a big thank you to Wall Street Crash – what a wonderful performance that was”

yes, yes Rodgers. get on with it.

“So – Geoff and Den. It’s decision time. Which clue are you going to discard first?”

time for me to take charge. Den knows her place.

“We’re going to get rid of this one Ted”

“Ok – you’ve rejected ‘Take one that never changes, add a pub and a precious stone, bring them all up-to-date and now you are on your own’, accompanied by a wishbone from Sonny Hayes”

it’s the bin! it’s the bin! has to be.

“Take one that never changes, well that could be Dusty Bin”

yes, yes.

“Well what about the Sonny’s wishbone? Where might a large wishbone come from? Something bigger than a chicken – a turkey perhaps?”

no, no.

“One that never changes is a constant, a pub can be an inn, an opal is a precious stone. Yes – Constantinople, the pride of Turkey! You’ve rejected the 3-2-1 holiday! Take a look at this”

oh ffs. how was I supposed to have solved that one

I can feel Den’s eyes burning into me as we watch the phantom holiday unfold on the screen.

ok, ok. Still one more chance. 50/50 to rescue this.

“Great stuff. Right then, it’s final decision time. Do you want a few moments to talk it over?”

“Nope – we are going to reject this one. Final decision”

“Ok – you’re rejecting ‘The Arches might provide a clue, not strolling but he’s going too’ and this was accompanied by some sheet music”

this is it. the car is still out there.

“Well the first three letters of arches might have been clue enough, but we also said he’s going too. If you take away ‘he’s” from Arches you are left with Arc. If you rearrange that with the sheet music you get Music Maestro Please.”

what the hell are you on about Rodgers? talk sense man.

“What do you think that means – yes, it’s the Maestro – you’ve rejected the car!”

OMG. No!

“And of course that leaves you with Dusty Bin – here he comes”

The mechanical dustbin waddles onto stage waving.

oh great. Rob at number 42 isn’t going to let this one go easily. my moment of glory. ruined!

I wear a plastic smile and wave at the camera for the end credits. Den is still scowling.

The above scenario played out regularly on Saturday nights, when an incredible 16 million viewers would regularly watch 3-2-1 on a Saturday night.

Like poor Geoff in our example above, my night at the cash table last night was a DISASTER. Everything that could go wrong, did, and it resulted in another whopping loss, this time for £700.

David is playing like a maniac due to the need to leave early, and raises to £12 UTG. (Blinds £1/£1). The Baron calls. I am playing a stack of £110 at this stage, and call on the button with QsJs. This is miles ahead of David's range as he has literally passed only 3 hands so far, and I have position on the Baron.

Flop arrives A, Q, 4 rainbow

David bets £30, and Baron passes. There is a 72 prop bet in operation, so I figure David might well have this or indeed nothing, so I shove for my £100 and David calls with KJ to outkick me.

I have reloaded and am now playing about £200 when this hand crops up.

I raise UTG to £4 with TT. Nit calls, and Fluke (who is on an absolute heater) makes it £14. Three callers (including Sonny who is all in) - I am worried but call just to see if I can hit a ten as we are both fairly deep.

Flop is 3,3,8

I bet £50 with my overpair and Fluke calls. Other players drop out.

Turn is a 3 giving me the house, but still I suspect I am behind.

Check, Check.

River is a 7.

I check, Fluke puts me all in. Damn. Everything about this hand looks like a big pair. I think he is only bluffing a small amount of the time here so I make a good laydown and Fluke shows AA to take the pot.

I am now down to about £120 and see a Sonny raise in mid position to £7.

I call in the cutoff with Ac9c as does the Calculator who I think limped UTG.

Flop arrives Ad, 2c, 4d

Sonny bets £20, I call as does Calculator.

Turn is a black King.

Sonny bets £35, and I figure I am either totally dead with my Ace medium kicker, or up against a couple of draws so I decide to just bang it in. Calculator passes, but Sonny has a pretty easy call his nut flush draw for only £40 odd more and, as he always seems to do against me, hits his diamond on the end :(

I have rebought and am playing £220.

I limp UTG with 55 and Wilkinson makes it £12 (I think) next to act. Calculator calls and so do I. I actually make a mistake in this hand, because they are both playing small stacks of £100 max, and I don't have the odds to call for my set hunt. I just looked at my own stack when making the call.

Anyhow flop arrives QcTs5c

I can't remember the exact betting but it all ends up in the middle. It is my set against Wilkinson's Aces against Calculator's nut flush draw.

A club arrives immediately to leave me calling for the board to pair, which of course it doesn't.

I don't actually lose much in this hand, as I win the side pot against Wilkinson, but that would have had my stack arrowing upwards, if the set held.

Down to my last £190 now, and I find Aces UTG. I raise to £4, my standard raise, and we get multi callers. Dev does me the favour of re-raising to £30 total, and I decide a re-raise looks too strong here and Dev might well pass a hand like Jacks, so I decide to make it look weak by shoving all in for a big overbet. Dev has Kings so naturally calls.


Dusty Bin for me.

See you next time on 3-2-1

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (910)
Live Cash 691
Online Tournaments (1972)
Online Cash 966
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,187)

Total (6,525)


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