Friday, 24 July 2009

More Woe

I popped into the LC last night following some leaving drinks, to play a few hours of £1/£2 with some of the new guys Luke/Tom have been playing with recently. This game plays a lot bigger than our usual £1/£1 game with multi straddles not uncommon (there was £1/£2/£4/£8/£16/£32/£64 at one point!), and pots getting multi raised pre-flop.

I sat with a stack of £400, but this felt pretty much the minimum you could get away with. Anyhow, only one real hand of note - I am up to £450 when this happens:

Sonny limps UTG, I raise to £7 with AsJs in the SB, Baron makes it £27 from the BB and Sonny calls. Meh - I call the £20 OOP to go to the flop.

Flop is Ac3c2s

Obviously I am worried this has hit the Baron, but the Ace might have stuffed him.

I check to see what develops, and Baron bets £62. Sonny flats. I opt for check-raise to £180 to make it look super strong. Baron umms and arrs and folds AK, putting me on a set.

Sonny moves all in for all my chips. After his flat call on the flop, I put him about 70% on a flush draw. 15% of the time I'm going to be unlucky and he will have played a raggy Ace for two pair (although I think he would have raised Tom). 15% of the time he is going to turn up with a hand that I crush.

I make the call - sonny has KcJc for the club draw.

River is a club in a £1k pot.

GG me.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (910)
Live Cash 1,361
Online Tournaments (1972)
Online Cash 688
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,107)

Total (6,053)

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