Monday, 24 August 2009

Better Spots?

I had the luxury of some spare time on Saturday, so fired up a couple of those Full Tilt $75 45 man SNGs to pass the time before the football started. For some reason, I played very well, probably due to the spontaneity of the game leading to me not putting any pressure on myself. As a result, I took down 2nd place in one of the events for a cheeky $770ish return.

Since I rarely play online these days, when I do, I tend to focus on the big Sunday events, and pencil the session in days or even weeks in advance. This is probably a bad idea, as I end up feeling pressure to do well, entering too many tournaments and often playing when I don't even feel like it.

Anyhow, an interesting hand came up heads up which I have discussed with the guys and the consensus is that I made an error.

We had been played heads up for about 15 mins so far and I appear to have the edge, winning 1k here and there and generally chiseling away a lead. The stack sizes are about 42k v 26k when this situation comes up.

Blinds have just gone to 400-800 when opponent suddenly insta-shoves pre-flop from the SB. I have AJ suited in the BB. This is the first time he has shoved pre-flop, although prior to this hand, he was making some odd plays on the flop (eg limp, check, flop comes down and then when I check he shoves for 25k into a pot of 1500).

My plan had been to trap him, but when I saw AJ I pretty much snap called, mostly due to his tomfoolery shoving on previous flops.

I retrospect, I think I should pass in this spot. I doubt he does his overbet shove with a big pair, but most of the time I am going to be crushed or racing. I guess a small part of his range is Arag - AJ, but not enough to risk the call. I suppose I just saw this as a way to end the tournament, and I don't think I've ever passed AJ pre-flop heads up, although admittedly this situation of him shoving 30BBs is a bit bizarre. Any thoughts? Do you pass or call? The Baron/Fluke/Dev and The Nit were 3-1 in favour of passing.

Anyhow, he won the hand and after I fought back to a stack of about 21k, I got it all in on the turn with top pair, but he had turned two pair for the win :(

Still, a decent little run out, and it only took a couple of hours so I'm going to try and play a few more of these.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (1110)
Live Cash 1086
Online Tournaments (2234)
Online Cash 866
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,435)

Total (6,940)


Anonymous said...

I would have folded. I think the best you could have hoped for was a race. I would have put him on medium pair or AQ / AK. You never mentioned what cards he had ??


DungBeetle said...

your range is correct - he had AK.