Friday, 21 August 2009

Carbon Copy

I went to the Loose Cannon last night for our private £100 tournament followed by cash, and it was an exact replica of last week. I bust out of the tournament in short order, before winning that money back and extra during the cash game.

The cash game was very lively indeed, with The Baron, Nemo and The Racist all getting stuck in frequently, so I played very tight and just mopped up a few pots here and there to finish up about £150.

The tournament had eight runners, and panned out as follows:

We are playing 4 handed with 4 dead stacks on the table, which can lead to carnage in the battle to nick the blinds. Tom limps, Nemo makes it 250 and I find AA on the button. I make it 1k and Nemo is the only caller. I make a conscious effort to keep the pot small as nobody else is here yet, so we check it down to the river and then I call a 2.5k river bet to win and get a good early start.

Fluke limps UTG for 200 in level 3, Tom calls and I call on the button with Kc8c. The blinds are still dead stacks.

Flop arrives KQ8 rainbow to give me top and bottom.

Check, check, I bet 600. Fluke calls and Baron moves all in for something ludicrous like 15k (he has doubled up off the Nit early on).

Hmmmm - I fancy I am ahead of the Baron who I put on JT, and is just using his extra chips as a battering ram with his decent draw. He could have KQ I guess as he does overbet big hands sometimes but I imagine it is unlikely. Fluke flat called and is a worry. He could have JT as well, or perhaps KQ or a set where I am stuffed. I decide to take the safe route and pass my two pair.

Baron has 44 and Fluke has a set of 8s to take the pot down.

I raise QhTh UTG + 2 to 800 at the 150-300 level. Chan is in the big blind and makes it 1800. Looks like a monster, but I have position and a hand that can flop big.

Flop is T, 8, 7 with one club.

Check, check

Turn is a Jack clubs. Check Check.

River is a King clubs

Chan bets 2k and I pass. Chan shows Ace clubs.

Folded round and I make up the SB to 400 with Jc6c

Flop arrives J, T, 7 with two diamonds

Fluke leads for 600, I make it 2k with 4k behind and Fluke insta shoves having me well covered. Hmmmmm. I think there is a big difference between bet, raise, shove and just bet, shove and I felt Fluke was very strong here. I can't see me being ahead with my top pair, bad kicker so fold to live to fight another day.

Chan opens to 1200 and I move all in for 4k with AK and he calls with QQ. As always, Chan wins the race and I am eliminated in 5th spot and head off to the cash game.

Next week I'm thinking of playing the £200 International event as part of their Paradise Poker festival. Failing that, I'm sure there will be some more Loose Cannon action, before a welcome weekend away in Oxford over the bank holiday with Shazbo.

Have a good weekend folks.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (1110)
Live Cash 1086
Online Tournaments (2574)
Online Cash 866
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,415)

Total (7,260)

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