Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Gone in a Flash

I played in a £20 rebuy round of each private tournament at the Loose Cannon on Tuesday night, and things were going along nicely until I lost a big Omaha pot preflop, and that was that.

My major gripe with Omaha tournaments is that you invariably have just take a hand and go with it after the first few levels, and you are rarely that far ahead of your opponent, and thus can find yourself on the sidelines in short order.

This is exactly what happened :(

Sir Mike raises to 150 in early position, Dev makes it 475 and McDee calls. I find QQ in the BB and move all in for my starting stack of 2,000. Dev and Martin both call - Dev with TT and McDee with AT, so I have a great spot. I hold to get an early triple through to 6k. Mike makes a good fold with JJ in this hand.

I am very quiet for the rest of the hour and my stack moves up to 9k after I take the add-on.

I have been very well behaved, so decide to raise to 600 in the cutoff on Mike's BB with 4c5c. Mike calls (oh-oh) and the flop misses me totally (I think there was an ace there). I continuation bet 1000 and Mike check-raises me to 2500. I fold my rags and Mike shows King high! Cheeky.

We are now at the 200-400 level, and The Baron is the sole blind, following the elimination of Jalfont. Mike makes it 1200 UTG and I find AsAcJs7d. This is pretty much the perfect spot for AA as I can re-pot and get 4k of my remaining 7k stack in pre-flop, and of course shove on any flop. Mike puts me all in in any case, with the very respectable KKQT. Of course I make the call and am ahead, but not by much, although I do have his spades + the Jack is a key card for his hand straight wise.

Anyhow, a King pops up on the flop and that is me eliminated. £40 spent, and a very fun tournament, but there really does seem to be a lot of luck needed when playing tournament Omaha.

I also make a micro loss on the cash table afterwards. It could have been much worse though, as I got my second stack all in on a flop of A34 in Omaha holding the set of aces, only to see Dev turn up with an unlikely K552 for the wheel. I gave Dev some grief for his starting hand, but to be fair it was only a £10 pot preflop I think, and my grumbles were purely frustration. Fortunately the poker gods fired a lightening bolt at the villain, as the board immediately paired up to leave him drawing dead. That would have left me £300 in the hole if the straight had held up, but that stroke of good fortune allowed me to escape with a £25 loss.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (1150)
Live Cash 1061
Online Tournaments (2234)
Online Cash 866
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,445)

Total (7,015)

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