Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Stoppage time equaliser

I still remember vividly my first sighting of Jose Mourinho. It wasn't the ludicrously self-indulgent press conference when unveiled as manager of Chelsea, but was during a Champions League match the year before featuring Manchester United and FC Porto. Mourinho was, at the time, manager of the Portuguese champs, but already well on the Chelsea radar by then.

If I remember correctly, Man United were leading 1-0 deep into injury time, and about to go through on away goals. Heartbreakingly for the Red Devils, at that point their keeper made a pigs breakfast of a Benni McCarthy freekick, and Costinha fired home the decisive equaliser on the night.

The Porto players charged off to the corner flag and formed a ten participant man-hug, as to be expected. Alex Ferguson looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp, as the United defence looking questioningly at Tim Howard. But what's this? Suddenly a rather dapper looking chap sprints past the line of sight of old Fergie and charges towards the celebrating Porto players. Mourinho pumps the air with delight, his coat tails flapping in the wind. This does nothing to lift Ferguson's mood, and thus begins a long rivalry between the two managers which still seems to simmer beneath the surface today, despite the fact that they now manage in different countries.

I achieved the poker equivalent of the last minute equaliser last night. The cash game wasn't going well and I was down about £110, but fortunately I won £90 on the very last hand to salvage the evening.

The game was exclusively Omaha, and was a fairly quiet affair featuring myself, Devski, Sonny, George and George's mate (Sean I think?).

Anyhow the final hand saw everybody limp for £1 into my SB and I made it £5 with KhKs8h7s, which is a pretty mediocre holding, but it's last hand and I'm down etc etc.

Everyone comes along except Sean in the BB and Devski.

Flop arrives something along the lines of 2s3h5h to give me the flush draw.

I bet £10 to fluff the pot up in case I do hit and both George and Sonny call. George has been pretty solid so far, so I am pretty worried he might have the nut flush draw here, with Sonny probably on some kind of combo straight/flush draw.

Thus I am pretty delighted to see the Ah come out on the turn to give me the nuts :)

I pop my meagre remaining £42 over the line and get looked up by George who has the Jack flush, and scoop the pot.

I guess it wasn't worth a victory charge down the mezzanine of Loose Cannon, but it left me feeling I had escaped unscathed from a disappointing night of play.

Next live game is Thursday - will probably be a big one :)

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (1010)
Live Cash 871
Online Tournaments (2574)
Online Cash 866
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,352)

Total (7,312)

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