Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday Morning Rollercoaster

I had a couple of hours to kill on Sunday morning, as I waiting for Shazbo's flight to get in from Vancouver, so I decided to fire up a few Omaha cash tables to while away the time.

My thinking was to play solid, and just pick up a couple of pots here and there so I didn't risk much of my diminishing bankroll. Unfortunately, the cards had other ideas, and I ended up in a succession of large pots which saw my stacks swing around dramatically. In the event, I ended the session £100 down, although it could easily have been plus or minus £500.

I also experimented with starting with a $120 stack on each table as opposed to $200, but I'm undecided whether this is a good idea or not. The hands:

I raised a limper to $9 with JT98dd and was re-raised to $27, so called to see how the flop developed.

Flop is JT3 with two spades. We get it all in, he has AQ67 nut spades, and hits a spade immediately. He also had a King to take the pot as well I guess, but at least I have house redraw in either scenario.

I 3 bet AAKT ds and get one player along for the ride.

Flop is 865 with 2 spades. I pot, he repots, I shove with my nut flush draw and when he snap calls I assume he has the straight.

But no - he has 89TK for one pair + gutshot. He rivers a King to win with 2 pair. FFS.

My turn to get lucky. I get it all in three ways with AA45 against a regular with AA79 and the crazy from the last hand who has QT78 or some such. Not looking good for me, but my single flush draw comes home for a $512 pot.

I bet a flopped nut flush all the way down and get called down through the streets by the King flush.

I call a raise with KK87 in spades, and see a flop of K73 with two spades. I am out of position so check, as my opponent has a tendency to bet whenever checked to (I also have the nuts + second nut redraw). He pots, I call and the turn brings 4.

I check, hoping to pot it when he bets when he checks behind. Oh-oh.

River is a 2.

I bet 3/4 pot and he calls, as I have allowed him to back into a wheel with A5. I played that hand horrendously :( Surprised he didn't come back at me on the river, but he was afraid of the higher straight I guess.

I'll tilting after the Hand 5 debacle, so hang around with my AKxx nut flush draw on a board of T76. Fortunately I luckbox into a turn and river of Queen and Jack for the nut straight :)

At this point I am up about $150 for the session, but then this happens:

Folded round to SB who calls, and I pot with AdQc6d8c.

He calls.

Flop is K57 with two diamonds, giving me the up and down + nut flush draw.

I pot it and opponent calls.

Turn is the offsuit Ace, giving me a pair in addition.

We quickly get all the money in and he has 57xx for two pair and the lead. However I have (I think) 23 outs but miss, so all the work is undone and I arrive at a loss of £100ish.

On the outs front, someone may correct me in the comments, but off the top of my head:

9 diamonds
3 non diamond fours
3 non diamond nines
2 non diamond Ace
2 non diamond 8s
3 non diamond 6s
2 non diamond Queens
Less 1 out for the diamond that houses him up (5d) (7d already on board)

Not sure what the poker plans are this week yet. Will probably squeeze in a live cash game, but if the others are busy will try to head to the International for a tournament.

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (1010)
Live Cash 913
Online Tournaments (2574)
Online Cash 866
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,341)

Total (7,270)

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