Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I should sleep on Sundays

Another bank holiday, another crack at the Sunday majors, another hole in the bankroll :(

I played a few Sunday tournaments on the spur of the moment at the weekend, but it again proved an expensive failure unfortunately. I only entered the tournaments starting from 9pm onwards, so total meltdown was averted, but I only registered one meagre cash for my significant outlay.

Didn't keep any notes, but the tournaments I remember:

Stars Sunday Million
Worked my 10k stack up to 16k at the first break without showdown, making some fairly aggressive moves. Unfortunately I then got somebody all in on the turn holding the King flush, and their set housed up on the river to set me back down to 9k. I never really recovered from this momentum loss, and eventually made a bad read going with 44 on a low board, but opponent had an overpair.

Gutshot 250k Guaranteed
Worked my stack from 10k to 13k when this elimination hand came up:
Raised in mid position to 600 with KsJc and was called by the button + BB.
Flop arrives a promising AQT, with two spades, to give me the nuts. I lead for 1600, and the button min-raises me to 3200. I decide to slowplay after the button passes and, the turn disasterously arrives 9 spades to complete the flush. I check, button makes it 4k and I am not sure what to do. Flush is a decent part of his range, but I don't think I can lay down after showing weakness on the flop, plus I have the nut flush draw, so I move in and he calls with the Jack flush for 2nd nuts to leave me drawing to a spade which I miss :( Given he had a gutshot straight flush draw on the flop I'm not sure he lays down if I re-raise on the flop in any case, so probably same result whatever happens.

UltimateBet 200k Guaranteed
I outdraw a small stack on the river for his tournament life, when I put him on a draw, to give me a promising early stack. However, after a fair few levels, I make a 3 bet pre-flop with TT and the flop arrives JJx. This isn't the worst flop in the world, and given that I only really have a pot sized bet left I stick it in, and unfortunately he has called my re-raise pre-flop with KJ. Game over.

Speaking of the suckout in the UB tournament, the guy went berserk in the chatbox which always find hilarious. I copied it below for your amusement - I've changed the guys username to "angry youth" to protect his identity. I particularly like the bit where he wants to "reach inside the game to punch me in the face". Good old keyboard warriors :)

AngryYouth: gotta be fk n kiddding me
AngryYouth: fk n rediculous
AngryYouth: FK
AngryYouth: 'sdlkfjsd'fjasd
AngryYouth: fjds
AngryYouth: foesf:ef
AngryYouth: eofk;OFJASE
AngryYouth: [OFJKfOKE
AngryYouth: F' WKE[OWEF
AngryYouth: ;EF
AngryYouth: :LASEK F
AngryYouth: [ASEKF
AngryYouth: SE[s:dFKAS
AngryYouth: :LFKASEZsE
AngryYouth: 'F[KSEKAES
HORNET75: u ok mate?
AngryYouth: no
AngryYouth: wish i could reach inside this game and punch you in the fac
HORNET75: ok
HORNET75: nice one
AngryYouth: absolute lousy call all the way down
AngryYouth: how the fk do you call that bs all the way down
HORNET75: have a nice night ;)
AngryYouth: pair of fk n 7
AngryYouth: piss off
AngryYouth: you wont make it past the next hour
HORNET75: yeah - was an interesting hand huh?
AngryYouth: lousy fk n donk

P&L GBP 2009
Live Tournaments (1150)
Live Cash 1061
Online Tournaments (3113)
Online Cash 866
Poker Festivals (3,113)
Rake (2,505)

Total (7,695)

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Yorkshire Pud said...

"Angry Youth" could be the next Tuff_Fish IMO!