Friday, 4 September 2009

Online weekend 1 - invasion of the retards

I plan on playing a lot of online tournaments this weekend. I opted to play super solid and this what happened. Will blog WCOOP Omaha separately (no cash but big run).

Tournament 1
3bet AK to 1200, guy with 3600 calls a third of his stack. Flop is all low with two clubs. I put him in and he snaps getting terrible odds with KcQc. GG me.

Tournament 2
Guy raises to 600 - I shove for 2600 with 66 out of BB. He calls with A2. GG me.

Guy raises to 600 and I shove for 2200 with KK from SB. He calls with AT sooted. GG me.

Tournament 4
This is my favourite. We are well in the money in a FT tournament. 100 left, 162 get paid, with massive weighting to the top places. I have 31k, a fair bit above average. I make it 4k in early position with KK. Chip leader shoves for 108k (!). I call and he has A8 soooted. GG me. You have won $44!

I am livid at the moment. I'm 172 out of 388 remaining in my final tournament in the PS 40k but am on ubertilt.

Where do they find these utter halfwits from?

I'll finish on an interesting hand:

I hold QdJd. Board is AAKTx triple diamond board so I have second nut flush. Checked around on flop AND turn and board came down in that order. He bets, I raise about 30% of my stack and he shoves. Easy pass? I guess so - must have AK, KK right? I dunno. Anyhow, I binned it. Should I be raising there? Betting was so passive before that.

Anyhow - on to tomorrow.

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