Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Moderator

The pub game was fun last night. A nice gentle £1/£1 game with a max buy in of £100. It being a pub, of course, the game results were registered solely on paper and no money exchanges hands on the night itself. Nemo and the Baron were the usual opponents, alhough Jody and Ioannis also arrived later.

I enforced the buyin/blind rules strictly, but I could see the players straining at their seat belts. Twice I came back from a cigarette to see a lightening £2/£5 hand in progress in my absence.

For the record, I registered a £600 win to continue my good form. Things didn't start promisingly, as I was 3 buyins down within a couple of hours, the Baron calling my re-raise when I held pocket nines blind, and held the 3 when the board was 533 or some such. Obviously :)

However things started to pick up in the final few hours, and I had my big hands hold up when favourite and all in, scooping even when running it twice.

I also got a big bluff through with 5 high against Nemo. I bet pre-flop and on every street, and when the flush card arrived on the river, I closed my eyes and shoved and Nemo thankfully found a fold. In these short handed games you need to take these risks once in a while, otherwise you are simply relying on flopping well.

I'm staying out in Northwood this week, so my pre-booked cab arrived at 11pm and took me home. After my calming absence had been removed from the game, all hell broke loose. The game turned into an unlimited buy in four handed game, with compulsory blinds of £5/£10/£20/£40, with Nemo ending up winning over £4,000.

So much for a friendly Tuesday night.

As Nemo said this morning "When Jimbo is the voice of reason, it's time to worry"


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Yorkshire Pud said...

The pub I used to live in had a similar "completely legal £100 max" poker game every day!

God I miss those times!