Friday, 29 October 2010

Suited Gappers

I played at the pub again last night and continued my upswing with another £600 win. I realised when I dealt myself pocket Jacks, that it was the first premium pair I had seen since my second last Luxor session in Vegas - that's quite a barren run! However, in this pot limit deep cash game, big pairs are almost a liability, and I'd much rather play something like 68 or some such. You normally know where you are in the hand, and don't have to make those tough decisions that happen when you hold Aces in a deep cash game. Check raised by Nemo on a flushing board when you still have 400BBs behind :)

Anyhow, I lost the JJ hand, but made up for it by hitting an unlikely sequence of trips and getting paid off. Nemo and the Baron seemed to feel the game was too small and actually cross booked themselves. I've never seen this outside of a tournament, but the rules were whatever Tom won or lost by a cut off time, would be settled in cash ON TOP of the actual cash wins or losses.

I'm fairly buoyant after my good run, so now I turn my attention to breaking another hoodoo - the WSOP league, where I have performed poorly so far (although getting AA cracked all in preflop twice hasn't helped). I'm languishing down in 15th spot, so really need to pick up some points.

Big pairs certainly help in that game, so hopefully an avalanche of Kings and Aces are heading my way. I'm due :)

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Do you have a list of the table?