Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Vegas - more Luxor fun

I put in a 3 hour session in the Luxor cash game yesterday with more fun and games.

I normally try to establish a stupid image cheaply, but I took it a bit far this time. I 4 bet some guy to $150 with 2h4h when we were playing effective stacks of $220 (wasn't paying attention) and he shoved on me. Meh. I call and beat his AT.

Another highlight was raising with 8d6d, betting out on flop AKJ. I get flat called by KKK (trappy trappy). Check, check on turn and fortunately the runner runner diamonds get there and he calls an over-sized bet on the end.

Two gentlemen are dressed completely inappropriately for a shallow stacked $1/$2 game. They are not saying a word, wearing MASSIVE sunglasses and headphones. Lol. When they leave on says to the other - "Man - I can't believe we didn't win in that game" :)

This was actually a losing session of $325 for me, after I lost a jumbo pot near the end. I'm fine with how it played out though.

Game is quite deep at this point.

Lady raises $10 playing $100
Shazbo calls playing $325
I call Ac6c on button playing $470
Shaun calls SB playing $900
Tight BB guy makes it $30 more (he has stack of $450)
Lady calls, Shazbo folds, I call, Shaun calls so pot is about $170

Flop is 2c4c8h

Shaun leads $30, BB guy makes it $105 and I shove for $440. All other pass, and the BB guy tanks for 5 mins and then calls with JJ and it holds. I guess I have 12 outs plus a couple of runner runner options so its almost a coin flip. Given the amount of time he took I guess I had some decent fold equity as well, although I think my hand looks pretty much like the nut flush draw and then over to him to decide if he wants to risk his stack.

Last day today - not sure what the plan is. Feel pretty pokered out and ready to head home.

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Anonymous said...

playing 2 4 off again Jimbo. Meh :)