Monday, 18 October 2010

Vegas - Quad Run

No poker yesterday, as Shazbo arrived in town and I was pretty drained after the Luxor game the other day. However, we did play "3 card poker" on the tables and had some good fortune.

First Shazbo was dealt JJJ and then the dealer completed the 6 card bonus with his hand with another J. That was good for $900 or so with all the various bonus combinations.

Soon after I folded my rubbish hand of 953 and placed it at the top. However, you still get to play your 6 card bonus, and the dealers hand was 555 for quads again :) Only $500 for me because my other boxes were non live, but still nice on a hand I was almost certain to lose. I'm still down for table games though even after this.

We also tried out the Chinese restaurant Jasmine at the Bellagio for dinner and I thought it was very ordinary. Nothing particularly wrong with it, but for a tasting menu the dishes were uncomfortably big portions and a couple of them were either bland or too sweet. I'd avoid personally - it came to $350 for two I think with a glass of wine with each course.

Playing the Venetian midday tournament today before dinner at Aquaknox.

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