Thursday, 21 October 2010

Vegas - Time to leave

The last day of Vegas had little to write about from a poker perspective. I couldn't get motivated to play another cash game so just played the Hollywood 2pm tournie, and busted in 7th after losing AJ v 77 and then QQ v AK. In a tournie structured this fast you obviously can't afford to lose these races.

One amusing hand early on in this tournament, blinds are 400-800 and I have a stack of 4800. I open shove cutoff with 6s9c.

Big blind dwells for a good while and then folds, flipping up pocket Jacks. (!)

Dinner at Aquaknox was excellent again, making up for the rapid deterioration shown in the service at previous favourite haunt Koi.

Off to airport in a couple of hours.

Jimbo out.


OneLifeLiveIt said...

did you muck or flash the bluff?

DungBeetle said...

unfortunately could not show for comedy value, as having fold equity like that was quite important in such a fast structured tournie!