Thursday, 18 November 2010

Monkey Drums

I was on tilt before I'd even played a hand at the Punch the other night. Somehow I'd managed to remove the wooden separators from inside our chip box and the chips had gone everywhere. It took me about 15 minutes to get it back it, during which time I suffered three splinters and two cuts from loose nails. Naturally I was getting more and more irate, and Nemo commented that it was like when a scientist gives a chimp a puzzle to do and he ends up whacking himself on the head with it :(

Anyway - the game went well, which was welcome considering I lost nearly a grand last time out, and I came away with a £600 win before going for dinner at Lutyens with Shazbo.

I gather the Baron and Jody hit the Empire afterwards, and when both of them registered big wins it meant that all five of us were well up for the evening - a first surely?

Also I'm told in one hand at the Empire the Baron moved all in with 9 high, was called, and WON(!) Somebody called him also with 9 high but with a worse kicker. Good grief :)


Anonymous said...

Can I add this was on the river, making a £140 bet into a £150 pot :)


Anonymous said...

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