Friday, 10 December 2010

A smidgen of points

Registered some minor improvement at the League this week night placing 5th, not good enough for any cash, but at least securing 30 points as opposed to my usual 10. I'm still lurking in lower mid table though and need to try and score heavily in the six double points games in the new year.

A few hands I remember:

Hand 1
Playing 8c9c the board reads 67TK on the turn and I bet 200 into 300 and all pass :(

Hand 2
Blinds 150-300 Jody makes it 900 UTG, I make it 2700 with KK. Jody calls and we see an all low board. I shove my last 3k and Jody calls with 99 and I double up to 11k or so.

I raise 7c9c at 200-400 to 1100 in cutoff and Alistair calls in BB.

Flop is Axx, nothing for me.

I bet 1600, and Alistair calls.

Turn is 6. Still no draw.

Check, Check

River is another non helpful card, Alistair checks, I bet 2200 and Alistair calls for the win with 2 pair. Not a good hand for me, losing nearly half my stack.

Blinds are 300-600 and my 7k stack is starting to feel short. I find A9 second to act and shove. Mike snap shoves and Jalfont calls in the BB after some deliberation.

I'm in dire straits against QQ and AQ, and my tournament is over.

The cash game ended with a small win for a couple of hundred, but this was a decent result seeing as I was in a losing position for nearly the entirety of the evening.

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Anonymous said...

Missing the nights! Good to hear the LC going strong!