Friday, 16 November 2012

Up and running

I woke up this morning with a significant hangover, so myself and Shazbo decided to just play the 10am and 2pm $50 Treasure Island tournaments as opposed to anything more ambitious. They have plenty of play in the first hour, but after the break go into turbo mode with most players having stacks of ten big blinds or less.

Treasure Island have also moved their poker room and it is much nicer than the boxy one they had previously, although still small by Vegas standards.

I started slowly in the 10am tournament of 18 runners, not getting far above starting stack. However, just after the break Shazbo decided to deceitfully limp KK against my big blind, and get it all in on the 997 board which coincided nicely with my 9d6s to bust herself.

That got me going, and I made the final table with an average stack of about 12k. After the second break, the blinds were 500/1000 and first hand back I find AA in the BB and the small blind has JJ to give me one of the biggest stacks. We soon made the money with three of us left and we chopped the prize pool to win $250 each.

The second tournament had a much bigger field of 30 runners and paid 5 spots. I again started slowly before cold decking Shazbo yet again. At 50/100 there were 4 limpers into my BB so I checked without looking.

Flop was JJ7 and when Shazbo started betting I looked and was happy to see 77 in the hole which got me a full double up against Shazbo’s JT. Luckily Shaz had already busted someone to have some chips left and recovered to make the final table, despite much general moaning at my luck.

I moved to a new table at 400/800 with a 7k stack. An active player raised to 3000 and I shoved with AJ and he called off with 4d5d. I flopped a flush draw but I survived to mover to 14k. I then won a few more blinds and busted someone else AK v 66 to get to the next break with about 28k and well above average.

The next significant hand involved a Chinese player who had raised my BB from the button 3 times in a row with me folding. The next time he did it I put him all in with A6 and he decided he had priced himself in to call with 8cTc and he was eliminated. This took me to the final table with 40k and probably the chip leader.

Blinds were now 500/1000 and player started falling pretty quickly, including Shazbo unfortunately. Just when it was all looking rosy, at 2k/4k blinds a lady shoved for 25k a shorter stack called it off and I re-shoved with AcKc. He also had AK and lady’s 33 held up to win a massive pot and leave me with 4 big blinds.

Very next hand I tilt call a shove with KsQs and one of the blinds shoves behind. I think I am dead, but it is KQ v JJ v 66 and I flop a King to get back to 45k.

5 handed and in the money goes on for ages with blinds going back and forth before the woman from the 33 hand goes on a spree and busts everyone else. We are left heads up but she has a massive chip lead, and soon after I move in K8 and lose to A2. Oh well – second place pays $350 so I am up $500 for the day on tournaments and it is good for the confidence to get on the board.

Off to Twist tonight which is a restaurant we haven’t tried, and is supposed to be excellent, although French cuisine isn’t my favorite.

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The Baron said...

About time.

Now change the hideous red font back to how we were and all will be good with the world again.

Looking forward to christmas home game. Farmyard snap et al.